What kind of vacation has absolutely no appeal to you?

2022.01.16 22:10 Tacoma__Crow What kind of vacation has absolutely no appeal to you?

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2022.01.16 22:10 Tomatarto14 Horrific graphics bug

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2022.01.16 22:10 TheDebatingOne Can you predict how a non-native sound will be perceived and reproduced by native speakers?

Arabic doesn't have /p/ for example, so when borrowing words with /p/ it replaces it with /b/. Hebrew doesn't have /ʊ/ so it swaps it for and so on. Is the specific choices some societial thing that got accepted or could someone who never heard about the language could figure out on their own? If it's the latter, is it consistent across langauges?
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2022.01.16 22:10 Mindless_Tomorrow_45 When you have ADHD and dyslexia (like me)

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2022.01.16 22:10 AloneCommunication98 Rockstar please fix your game

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2022.01.16 22:10 Crubman_ How do you stop comparing yourself to others?

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2022.01.16 22:10 g4m3f33d Is the Fortnite Chapter 3 Tilted Towers update delayed? - Fortnite Tracker

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2022.01.16 22:10 onlyonefrank My baby boy Mitchell has some killer instincts

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2022.01.16 22:10 Hourglass420 Me a 28 y/o cowboy fan.

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2022.01.16 22:10 Toastyboi420 I’m bored and feeling down. Talk to me

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2022.01.16 22:10 Laniekea What do you think of New York's new policy that prioritizes race in antiviral treatment distribution?

Trump was caught in a half truth this week. He said that white people are being sent to the back of the line and being denied vaccines.
While it is not true that people are being denied vaccines, New York has implemented a policy that allows race to be a consideration when distributing antiviral oral medication which is limited supply. Minorities get priority.
Minorities are more likely to die from covid because they are less likely to get the vaccine, and they are more likely to live in close quarters.
The glaring problem with issues that it is probably unconstitutional. And there are also such thing as low income White people.
Do you agree with New York's policy?
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2022.01.16 22:10 Electro_Maker Arduino project

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2022.01.16 22:10 justintheway0918 Working with renters

Somewhat newer agent here and just want to ask:
How do you work/help people looking to rent, but do not have the best credit, income, history, etc.?
A lot of MLS rental listings often have pretty strict tenant requirements that some people do not meet. What do you do (if anything) for people like this?
Any helpful suggestions is appreciated.
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2022.01.16 22:10 Icefirezz How should I use my time now I'm mostly free between 12am-4am?

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2022.01.16 22:10 dddddd3821 What is the most disappointing movie theater experience you ever had?

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2022.01.16 22:10 specialk937 Polydrug user who relapsed, need support/ideas

So I’ve always been interested in drugs, since I was a kid. I didn’t realize I had anxiety until I had my first Xanax at 20 years old. I thought everybody felt nervous like that all the time. Deadass.
So specifically, the drugs that turned me to rehab were cocaine and benzos (Xanax, flualprazolam, klonopin, Valium, clonazolam, etc.) I finished the inpatient program after 4 months. I was extremely confident that I never needed drugs again.
Originally I’m from California but my parents moved to Texas when I was 19 and living on my own.
After rehab, I moved to Texas (I was 24 now) and well wouldn’t you know it, your addiction follows you anywhere. I found coworkers and met friends with coke plugs, xans, acid, etc. I moved to get away from the people, places, and things that spiraled me into a full blown addict, owing drug dealers money and stealing from my own family. But I was back at it and HARD. I convinced my best friend to leave CA to TX and get an apartment with me and my bf. He is a polydrug user as well (my bf doesn’t do drugs or drink at all), and it didn’t take long to get into the spiral of doing coke everyday, having to take a shitload of Xanax to counteract the negative effects of the coke. On and on it went. Well things went south with my best friend and we moved out of the apartment after 5 months and my best friend couldn’t afford it on his own, so we were left to our own devices. My bf (who I met in TX) had his mom and sister living in Colorado and they offered to help us get on our feet. So we did. After my year in Texas on a drug induced binge, me and my bf move to Colorado. Well one of my friends from TX was also from CO and had just moved back. As a polydrug user herself, I found plugs for coke again and started buying RC benzos even more. Then I got a klonopin script on top of all that. So my benzo use has been off the fuckin rails. I’ve wrecked 3 cars, cussed out my mom, and went on road trips I don’t even remember.
I began attending NA (virtual thanks to COVID) meetings and kept that up for a couple months. All it took was one bad day and I was asking my friend for coke. She had multiple plugs and it was just like the old times again. Back on coke binges and just being a total bitch when I didn’t have it. Then comes the benzos (which I take daily), because even when I’m not using that day, my anxiety is THAT high. I’m halfway through my month’s RX of klonopin and I got it a week ago. Now I’ve turned to alcohol, often mixing it with benzos. I know the risks but I do it anyways. I can’t stand the feeling of being sober and I don’t know why. When I got out of rehab I stayed clean another 4 months, 8 months total. But here I am, stuck in the spiral no matter what state I move to. It’s the addict brain I guess.
My question is, where do I move on from here? I have a job I love and don’t want to (although I may need it) go to an inpatient rehab again. Not to mention my insurance in this state is more expensive and I’m not even sure how it would work here. I just need help. A shoulder to cry on and wonder why a smart girl who got into her dream college and dropped out chose drugs and stealing over the bright future I could have had. Now I’m 26.
I need help and I finally realize that (AGAIN) now. Oh and I got to experience alcohol withdrawals for the first time. Used a shitload of benzos and that was barely enough to feel better. Wasn’t until I drank some whiskey that I felt better. I’m broken and slipping backwards. At a super fast pace.
Any advice/words of encouragement/experience?
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2022.01.16 22:10 eva_taylor0 Separation advice

I am currently in separation with my twin and it sucks. I feel like sometimes I’m okay and other times I’m a total mess. Wondering what your guys advice is for separation or what helps you guys get through.
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2022.01.16 22:10 kiafromsf I guess why not...

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2022.01.16 22:10 Tylerstorm151 These coordinators are like Draft Pix . It’s a crap shoot .Give me Harbaugh or Pederson

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2022.01.16 22:10 LesterIngenue Reddit I just hit 10,000 milestone, lost 75lbs, made it 14 states across the country so far, since beginning the transformation of a lifetime in March 2020 after a kidney stone changed my life. Cycling and Crystalized Calcium Oxalate saved my life!!

I had a 9mm kidney stone Nov’19. I only have 1 kidney. I get 3 surgeries in 4mos. Last urologist appt. to be cleared to return to work canceled by Covid. I have 1st of MANY Zoom calls of pandemic with urologist instead. I will never forget his words.
“Look, nobody ever listens to me, but you REALLY NEED to. You were this close {holds fingers 1mm apart} to losing your only kidney and being on dialysis til a transplant. If you waited 24hrs more before coming to ER, you would have died. You’re young, living the next 50yrs on dialysis isn’t too much better than if you waited a day. You NEED to make serious diet and exercise changes, or I’m going to have to keep doing this to you every couple of years, further scarring your only kidney each time, until you die of renal failure.”
I am 38yo. I am 6’0”. I weigh 259lbs. I am sedentary. I am obese. I smoke cigarettes. I eat horribly. I sleep horribly. I am depressed and don’t know it.
I am dying.
No I Am NOT.
I Google ‘best exercise for overweight, bad back’, top results: rowing and cycling. I buy a Chinese knockoff Concept rowing machine from Amazon and i own a ‘99 Giant mountain bike that i rode 3times/yr in the city, on a good year.
I live just off the Mount Vernon Trail that George took to work to DC along the Potomac River.
I YouTube search ‘stretching routine for overweight, bad back’ and click on most viewed. I stretch before/after every single ride.
April 1, 2020 i take my first bike ride, just 2 miles away from my house, and 2mi back home. I had to get off and walk the bike up a 15ft 8% grade hill, humbling. 3wks later when i finally rode up that hill without loosing cadence was my 1st sense of accomplishment and real progress.
If i wake up and it doesn’t still hurt, i do it again. If i wake up and it does still hurt, i take rest and recovery SERIOUSLY and eat good protein and vegetables, drink alot of water, take epsom salt soaks, stretch routine, stay off feet and take it ez. If i wake up the next morning and it still hurts, i repeat rest and recovery steps. If i wake up and it doesn’t still hurt, i do it again.
The world gets smaller and smaller..
July 13 2020 i make it Washington monument, Lincoln, and Jefferson w/ old bike. 15mi from home, 15 back.
I buy a proper gravel bicycle in July 15. I keep riding. I decide to ride to all the houses of my 3 closest friends in DC area. Furthest friend is 22mi from home, 22 back. I realize Baltimore is only 56mi to the Ray Lewis statue, and his cycling in Florida heat had already been super inspirational for me back when i read it in 2012. I just rode 44mi, i COULD ride to Bmore..
My metabolism naturally normalizes. My circadian rhythm naturally regulates. My brain chemistry has begun to balance as a result of daily exercise, proper recovery, eating right. My eyes are opened that i was indeed suffering from depression the past decade and i had no idea and this exercise has begun to bring me out of the depressive fugue.
I realize i have let relationships with people i love fallow as a by product of my downward spiral of undiagnosed mental health disorder for the past decade. I should ride my bike to all of my friends houses, not just DC friends, in progressive distance away from my house. This will naturally increase my mileage. I will not kill any 2 birds with 1 stone for the 8 stages of the Tour de Friends that live in Bmore, but will back and forth 8 times.
The furthest Bmore stage is 73mi.
I make two 175mi oneway trips to the Eastern Shore of Maryland where i was born, from Bmore stages to visit 14 stages of friends and family that still live there. This is practice for what i have that’s superfluous and what i wish i had that i don’t yet.
I make the 2nd ride Eastern Shore from Parkville in Bmore to 146th St in Ocean City, MD in one day, 173.5 miles, 21hrs, 13.5hrs on bike, 7.5hrs refilling water on 104*F day, eating 3000 calorie lunch and 3000 dinner and eating my leftover BBQ wrapped in tinfoil from lunch at 3am on side of a road in farmland of Delaware by moonlight, eating ribs and brisket…Xd. My Whoop heart rate monitor says i burnt 11,000 calories that day!!!
2 miles to start, 173.5..if i woke up and it didnt hurt, i did it again. It hurt the next 2 days i woke up after that!
Then i put back tire in Atlantic on Assateague Island and head to the very non-local friends across the country.
I will put the front tire in the Pacific. Come along.
I am so thankful for that kidney stone! Dr. King said in his famous I Have a Dream speech, which i was profoundly struck by how it applied to this life change i experienced the last 9mos by the 1st time i could make it to his statue:
“..Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of Hope.”
Photo Credits @primenomadic Hawksbill Crag at Sunset @kaiserfilms Closeup at Washington Monument @kaiserfilms Shine Bright Like a Diamond Reflective Winter Kit @tandtmotoadventures Back of the Dragon Riding Formation
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2022.01.16 22:10 YardPuzzleheaded9761 HP Omen 30L RAM Upgrade

Hello, I am new to desktop computers and I got DCS and I would like to play VR but it stutters a lot. People have told me it is the ram and I need more. I've also read things saying that HP won't let you run the RAM you want at the speeds you want. I'd like to get 2 larger sticks of RAM because my computer is running at 15.4/16 Gb of RAM when I am in VR on DCS. Was wondering if anyone could clear up the confusion for me? (Ryzen 3700x, 16 Gb, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060)
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2022.01.16 22:10 MoldyAssCheeseBlock Can you place signs on platforms?

I was trying to make a hanging sign and wanted to use platforms but it wouldn’t let me place the sign. Is it even possible to make a sign hang on a platform?
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2022.01.16 22:10 scottdorrbell Can someone explain why these two are different color?

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2022.01.16 22:10 mohammednabarawy توقف إنتاج أجهزة Xbox One رسميًا •

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2022.01.16 22:10 rivenvore trynda is fun to go against

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