Free NFT Giveaway!

2022.01.16 23:02 Bar-Commercial Free NFT Giveaway!

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2022.01.16 23:02 aheady13 Is this a good one?

Never played electronic drums. Been an acoustic guy. Looking for comments and any knowledge about the kit I'm posting. Thanks my fellow drumheads. Boom Boom
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2022.01.16 23:02 No_Tradition_5834 Shelly Duvall isn't acting in this scene from "The Shining". Director Stanley Kubrick made sure Duvall was in a constant state of anxiety on the set. He instructed crew members not to interact with her. Her isolation on the set gave her real anxiety and it still affected her years later.

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2022.01.16 23:02 VanCityHunter Joker’s Wild, Micron pens, me, 2022.

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2022.01.16 23:02 thepoorprole Finding Place with Peter Michael Bauer Part 1

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2022.01.16 23:02 vintagelemon From scarfer to grazer?

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2022.01.16 23:02 siaplos333 sol

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2022.01.16 23:02 smprairies Week 3: Turkish Pide - great fun as it was totally new to us!

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2022.01.16 23:02 Nohan07 Comores : deux malgaches extradés après leur arrestation pour trafic d’or à l’aéroport de Moroni

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2022.01.16 23:02 ottodidakt The Shoney Mot

The Money Shot
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2022.01.16 23:02 doritofromlays Mikey with his teams

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2022.01.16 23:02 kairi26 bland diet suggestions

My dog has had diarrhea for a few days, and while it's been getting better, he still needs to be on a bland diet for a while longer. I need some advice on starches to give to him for his bland diet because he is picking out the pieces of chicken and refusing to eat the rice portion. He's also constantly complaining that he's still hungry because he's not eating all of his rice but he probably shouldn't just eat chicken for 5 days straight. He's 53 lb German Shepherd mix and probably needs to eat two to three cups of food a day. Any advice?
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2022.01.16 23:02 uniquepunk 1️⃣ Complete Twitter Task 2️⃣ Drop Your Wallet 💸

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2022.01.16 23:02 Ok_Significance_6843 Every year...

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2022.01.16 23:02 normancrane John Goodman Is Hard to Define

You forgot John Goodman.
You don't know who the fuck John Goodman is. John-fucking-Goodman.
When I say you, I don't mean you in the singular. I mean you as a society, a civilization, a goddamn species. "John Goodman? Should I know him?"
Yes, you fucking should.
But you don't, and that there’s the existential problem.
I present The Big Lebowski.
"The Dude abides." Jeff Bridges. Pretty good, right? Wrong. What did you think of Walter Sobchak? "Walter who?" That right there is what I call the point.
"Hey, how come Sulley in Monsters, Inc. doesn't talk?"
Voiced by John Goodman.
Guess what? Roseanne has a husband. The Flintstones movie has a Fred Flintstone. There's someone scary in the car with Llewyn Davis, etc., etc.
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was...
John Goodman.
So here's what's going to happen:
One day you'll remember John Goodman. Except it won’t be in the Oh, right, Ankara’s the capital of Turkey-kind of way. It’ll be I’m fucking my wife and oh-my-fucking-gawd I’m fucking John Goodman. You’ll glance in the mirror: “Morning, John Goodman.” Your dog will look up at you and it’ll be John Goodman with fucking fur on his face. Come on, be a mensch and toss little John Goodman a treat, perhaps a little scrap—
of your life, your identity, your very existence, you gullible mothefucker!
Give John Goodman a bone, he’ll use it to rip your soul out through your throat and wear it to your son’s first communion. “You proud of me, dad?”
asks John Goodman.
Because when John Goodman disappears from our collective memory, it’s for one reason only: to come back with a fucking vengeance. Just wait until you’re surrounded by a room full of John Goodmans, speed dating John Goodman after John Goodman, dining on John Goodman’s braised thigh with a side of halloumi cheese made from milk freshly squeezed from John Goodman.
You think you know this, right? You’ve seen Being John Malkovich.
You’ve only seen the version without John Goodman, the version John Goodman wanted you to see. The wouldn’t this be funny? version. “Would you look at that, a world full of John Malkoviches.” The version in which you can go in and out of John Malkovich. Did you laugh?
Are you laughing now?
Well, it ain’t gonna be fucking funny!
There isn’t going to be a way out. You won’t be going in and out of John Goodman world. John Goodman will penetrate, dominate and annihilate the only world there is:
This one.
This reality we have right now—
John Goodman will press its fucking face against the curb and stomp on the back of its head so fucking hard you ain’t never heard thunder so loud!
Big John Goodman Bang.
And when He rolls the world onto its back, it’ll stare up,
as John-fucking-Goodman.
So if we're to have any chance at all, you'll have to remember…
that guy,
that actor guy,
what's his name again?
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2022.01.16 23:02 kstarrron Health Admin Majors

hello, was wondering if any health admin majors would be willing to answer a few questions about the classes? I just declared the major and could really use some help. thank you :))
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2022.01.16 23:02 Proof-Engine-3908 How long to get back to hiking/walking more

9 weeks post op acl cadaver and my knee feels amazing and I walk long distances and it feels stable. Was wondering how long till some of y’all were able to go hiking, play golf and things like that?
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2022.01.16 23:02 911MemeEmergency Davy back fight arc is the Scotts Tots of anime

So I have started watching OP very recently, and while the series has been great so far the davy back fight arc is literally the worst cannon arc I have ever seen for any anime I have ever watched. It takes the usually lovely clumsiness of our characters and dials it up to the point it becomes unbearable to watch. they are usually serious especially when something as vital as the integrity of their team on the line. Yes there is some stupidness but it usually mild and is a nice breeze of air in the usual seriousness. Here it doesn't sound like they even care which really gets me boiling. It is 4 am and I need to sleep but God I had to vent about this absolute clusterfuck of an arc.
Can I by any chance skip the 3 remaining episodes of it?
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2022.01.16 23:02 yoshman32 Are you buying Legends Arceus?

View Poll
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2022.01.16 23:02 Noclevername12 Headphone latency with iPad Pro/US -C dongle

Hi - my son has been trying to record music/voice using Garageband on an iPad Pro. I got him some Bluetooth headphones with a cable option. I also got the Apple headphone to USB-C dongle. Even with Bluetooth turned off on the iPad and the headphones totally powered down and connected only via the cable/dongle, there was too much latency to make a decent recording. I think the latency must be coming from the dongle? But what can I do about this? Is another brand better? Are there any other solutions? Thanks!
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2022.01.16 23:02 YamashiroUwU Key Bosses via the Kiosk are Flawed

Title, but it's really incredible how people of lower levels are able to join stuff like Marshfellow Critter while being level 80. How are you supposed to fight a boss with 60k health with a level 92 balance who's got 20% attack and 10% resist???? The team-up penalty honestly shouldn't apply for leaving key bosses if the door isn't opened if this is the case. It sucks that you need to take a penalty in order to ditch these groups that shouldn't be allowed to form to begin with
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2022.01.16 23:02 kylepg05 Gacy autopsy reports?

Has anyone ever tried to contact the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office to see if the autopsy reports for the 33 bodies linked to Gacy can be provided? I'm not sure if they can get released. I know the Corll autopsies are on But I'm wondering if you have to be a relative of the victim to get the report.
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2022.01.16 23:02 ill_do_stuff_later [FS/FT Louisiana 70817] Disney Villainous, Fog of Love, Legacy of Dragonholt, Near and Far, Sagrada, Others [W] List of games, PayPal

[FS / FT from Louisiana 70817] - Pictures - prices exclude shipping

[W] - Will add cash to make a fair trade, if necessary.
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2022.01.16 23:02 spaceexcursion 25 [M4F] Join me on my excursion through life

It took me quite the time to think of a title, so I went with something that reflected my username lol. As you can also tell, I’m a big space nerd and love learning about it. I wish I majored in something along the lines of astronomy, but here I am after graduating, busy shaking my head at the choices I’ve made along the way. One of those choices was actually letting my anxiety take over my body and not being as outgoing or taking chances. Due to such, I’ve been leading a rather quiet and lonely life where I haven’t had a chance to surround myself around someone that is genuinely interested in potentially being a partner and long term friend. I’m sure we’ve all had those friends/crushes where we didn’t really see much evolve from that or they might have moved on to someone else, leaving you to just accept things and continue the search elsewhere. I’ve tried to put myself out there, but sadly resulted in people playing too many games behind my back or even them playing messing with my trust and emotions, resulting in me going through life solo. I came across this subreddit and wanted to try my luck at it whether I could potentially meet an amazing individual I can really get to know and see what flourishes from it. I realize that finding someone online can be rather tough, especially since it's rather easy to just disappear and never hear back, but I still want to try my luck with the hope that I can find someone that I can connect with and hopefully establish a long term friendship and possibly a relationship down the road.
The way people would describe is an an bubbly individual that is a nice concoction of an introverted-extrovert that enjoys being there for others. This includes loving to listen, learn, and connects with those around me on a person level - it’s something I strive for. I also realize that it’s nice to have that one person you can rely on, talk to during times of needs, and not be afraid of judgement when sharing that personal moment or story. Hopefully I can be that person for you and it's something that I can grow confident in sharing with you, as well.
Usually, people might share a list of all they desire in a relationship, but for me, it’s more of a deep understanding of the other person that is built around trust, respect, honesty, love, care, and genuine growth fueled by experiences and true understanding of the other. Like space, there’s so much we don’t know but we are taking the time to delve into the mysteries that surround it. I see a relationship reflecting such… An experience that we don’t know much about until you and I take the time to get to know one another where we can slowly uncover the mysteries of it and see it becoming something vast and beautiful, maintained for a very, very long time! Also, age difference isn’t an issue and neither is the distance between us. If we’re both willing to make it work, then that’s all that matters to me.
So why not take a chance in exploring this together? I’d love to learn about you and share more about myself as time goes on. However, to give you a bit of an idea as to who I am, here is a description of me: I’m 25 years old, currently living in the US, and INFJ, an avid reader and a bit of a gamer here and there. I enjoy learning about the world around us in various disciplines and enjoy pushing my limits at times in fields such as research, fitness, and certain sports (soccer).
I consider my life to reflect a minimalist lifestyle where there’s not much that I need and that is reflected within my desires of a relationship - just something that can be built up with important qualities that we can see grow as time goes on. Sometimes a relationship can be scary and hold many unknown questions, but I believe you and I can solve it together. So join me on my excursion through life, it’ll be fun, adventurous, and I promise you, filled with tons of love and excitement! :)
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2022.01.16 23:02 katineko Emulation phones

I am trying to decide between these phones and the games and emulators I want to be able to run very well which are Sega Saturn(Saturn Bomberman), Naomi, Mame, Dreamcast, and the new PS2 emulator(can't recall spelling).
LG v50 ThinQ 5g Google Pixel 3a XL POCO M3 LG x18s Galaxy s9 or s9+
I think that is my complete list. If anyone has more suggestions, that would be very helpful! Thank you : )
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