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RX-100 M6 -- MP4s don't get the right date/time in LR

2022.01.16 23:06 joebelfiore RX-100 M6 -- MP4s don't get the right date/time in LR

I'm often shooting sports and using both a Canon R6 and the RX100. The date/time is set to be identical on both cameras...
When I import all the videos into Lightroom ... I want to be able to "sort by date" and set filenames so it's easier to edit in chronological order. The Canon videos have the correct date/time (in LR) ... but the Sony ones seem to snap to the date/time of IMPORT.
Interestingly.. the windows shell shows the correct "date taken" date/time as the creation data for the Sony files. (but windows shell rename groups by type. sigh.)
Any idea why/how this happens in Lightroom or how I can fix? Is there some oddity of the Sony MP4 file encode??
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2022.01.16 23:06 Narrow-Ad-7463 Where are the shotguns?

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2022.01.16 23:06 HornyMaratha Shweta Tiwari [2048 x 3072]

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2022.01.16 23:06 cultureShocked5 I finally figured out the application for Dashing Diva Glaze stickers! I love that they last weeks and that removal is so easy but I always had issues with the edges (is stickers cheating? I don’t care 😜)

I finally figured out the application for Dashing Diva Glaze stickers! I love that they last weeks and that removal is so easy but I always had issues with the edges (is stickers cheating? I don’t care 😜) submitted by cultureShocked5 to Nails [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 23:06 yaonick Green Goblin is a PoP

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2022.01.16 23:06 Friendly_Sport_1745 New hire question

I applied on 1/7/22, took the 474 virtual entry assessment the same day, then did the MVR on 1/12/22. It’s now 1/16/22 and I haven’t received anything back but it says that I’m pre-hire list. So that’s that mean that I have the job and just waiting now?
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2022.01.16 23:06 Medium_Connection625 the rock says the n-word

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2022.01.16 23:06 bugsybushcraft Brand pairing

Is it me or does Brand not seem to pair well with anyone? Her powers help her and boost her other powers but I'm not immediately seeing a good baseline team she would enhance
What am I missing?
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2022.01.16 23:06 InsanoVolcano Chiefs versus Steelers thoughts?

Seeing the Steelers doing okay against KC, do we want KC or Steelers to win?
If KC wins: Titans vs Bengals, Chiefs vs Bills. Bills looked good against Patriots so maybe KC and Buffalo should beat each other up first?
If Steelers win: Titans vs Steelers, Bills vs Bengals. It would nice to get KC out early. Steelers beat us this season though, and KC didn't. Probably won't be the same now that we got everyone back.
So how do we match up against Steelers vs the Bengals? (And KC and Bills for that matter.)
And if you say, "It doesn't matter,", I mean yeah, of course, but let's get some actual discourse going on here?
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2022.01.16 23:06 zero-parity The absolute hardest part about painting for me is…

…knowing when to stop. I mess up almost every piece I do because I just want one more layer…
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2022.01.16 23:06 dumbed_down If there's a person out there

I don't care what you are. I'm asking for help. I don't want to die
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2022.01.16 23:06 justinrstatton Not the biggest buds, but my are they dense!

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2022.01.16 23:06 Doomguy306 is it wrong to come online just to stir the pot sometimes?

Is it wrong to do this? Am I being an asshole doing it for fun? Its never racial or about anyones gender or anything like that. Usually ill just post a controversial opinion(usually not my own) just to get folks riled up. Dont even respond to comments usually. Just come back to upvote people and witness the fuss ive caused.
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2022.01.16 23:06 victorma98 How long was your relationships at Young ages(16-19)?

How long , and was It toxic relationships or nice relationships?
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2022.01.16 23:06 Defalco-Punch What are some op builds I can make? Everything is mastered at level 12. I’m just missing brave bear, slave maker and Hellblade. No legendary classes yet either.

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2022.01.16 23:06 Ok-Elk-6630 My gecko vomited out his dinner...

So I fed my gecko some crickets and large mealworms, he ate them all in about one minute. About 5 minutes later, he vomited it all out. Do you think he ate too fast? He doesn’t seem to be showing other signs of illness or anything.
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2022.01.16 23:06 PapayaSF Sorry, kid!

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2022.01.16 23:06 lespleiades Lisa

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2022.01.16 23:06 suicidalcitrus Weird spot with KQo in first 1/3 game

I've been playing 05/10nl online and reading/studying for a few months now and have been trending profitable for the last month. My goal is to play live so I decided to take a shot at 1/3.
Table was 8 handed, bought in for $300 and I've got $250 behind me after about an hour. Calls to me in LJ and I raise to $10 with KQo. CO (LAG), BTN (short stack fish), and SB call, $50 in the pot. Flop comes KQT rainbow. SB checks, I bet $35, CO calls, BTN jams for $55 more. SB folds. I've seen BTN go all in twice in the last orbit, and one of those was only with top pair. I call, and CO jams for another $80. Pot is now $345 meaning I need to win 19% of the time, and if I'm drawing for the boat I've got 16% equity. I tank for a minute, then toss in a chip.
Turn 8x, river 2x. I show, CO shows AJs for flopped nuts, BTN mucks.
Anything I could have done differently here? All other players were playing more than half their hands and then way under betting post flop, and usually showing 2 pair at most at showdown, so maybe CO's 3 bet shove should have been enough to fold off of even with close pot odds?
Side note, any recommendations for strategy books or sources? I've gone through mental game of poker but I think my post flop technical play (especially OOP) is probably my biggest leak.
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2022.01.16 23:06 dad_bod_god Guess it’s really called purple pope for a reason.

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2022.01.16 23:06 unnecessarycharacter The world's most predictable response to Biden's low approval ratings

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2022.01.16 23:06 MosaicSunset Everyday stuff

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2022.01.16 23:06 NeoTraceman Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Two Months Later

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2022.01.16 23:06 infiniteelliott Season One Episode One- Playground Song

I’ve been trying to find the song that plays in Plan B for so long- every time I rewatch. During the scene where Dev takes the kids to the playground. listed as a song called “Playground” on this site: https://www.tunefind.com/show/master-of-none/season-1/27000
I can’t seem to actually find it anywhere- any ideas what this song is?
also master of none has the best soundtrack of any show ever imo
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2022.01.16 23:06 ElysiumJuly Chapter Four: Emergency Alert From Guardians App - AFTER DARK COMES DARKNESS (An Apocalyptic Game-Lit)

Chapter Four: Emergency Alert From Guardians App
I am not afraid to fight. I am not afraid to fight. I am not afraid to fight. What’s to be scared about? If I got eaten, I’d feel pain once, maybe just five seconds before I’m gone for good. What could get any worse? A zombie. Yes. Fuck. A zombie would eat you slowly or aliens, they’ll torture you to death. But these behemoths… it’s like God gave us a much easier way out.
- Excerpt from an old diary
RAW fear had seized her and took a hold of her throat. Ripping Soleil into shreds as the warm light touched her hand. She stood frozen for a second as the rush of thoughts came through her.
Is it the sun?
How many hours had passed by?
Is it their end?
“Soleil! What the hell’s wrong with you?” Xyphen cried out.
Before she knew it, Xyphen was already yanking her out the streets and back to the grocery store. The dog panting again on her chest. She loosens up her tight hug on it and lets it down on the dusty floor as Xyphen forces what little that’s left of the entrance doors shut. The door clattered and then the remaining glass on the left door fell and broke into hundreds of pieces on the floor.
Fresh air entered the store.
“I… I’m sorry, I was,” Soleil trailed off, her voice seemed to come from a long tunnel.
Xyphen swallowed. Something clicked in his throat. His face was white, and his eyes bulged. “I need you to be present. Do you hear me?” The weight of his hands landed on both of Soleil’s shoulders.
Soleil nodded slowly then vigorously. Xyphen handed his phone to her. The phone lit up, a countdown of the sunrise. Twenty minutes left before the full rise. The dog whimpered quietly behind the cashier’s area. Its tail tucked between its legs.
“Hey, should we go somewhere safer? We still have twenty minutes before the sun rises, I don’t think the doors can hold them down.”
Xyphen thought for a second before removing his backpack and rolling up his sleeves. “No, we can’t gamble that remaining minutes,” He was about to push a grocery rack when he looked at Soleil, “Look, those buildings out there or apartments, we don’t know if it’s locked or if there’s still people in there. We can’t spend minutes yanking the doors. We’re fine here.”
Soleil looked over the street. Across them is the hardware store, its doors were still in a better situation, but it’s closed, and she can’t tell if it’s locked or not. A series of apartments stood next to it. The glass windows were broken, letting the curtains fly in the wind like flags. The behemoths probably had swept the apartment in the process of skittering from an upcoming sunset.
After humans realized that the behemoths can only move during the day, they then faced the chaos of sunset. Behemoths, for some reason, can’t seem to stand the darkness like it was fire or a huge tidal wave. They skittered the streets like cockroaches, producing sounds that were distinct, foreign to everyone’s ears like the sound of a communicating whale mixed with EAS sirens. It was described by the churches as something that can only be heard in the depths of hell.
How did they know?
The behemoths, during the sunset forced themselves on apartments, subway, underground tunnels, stores, even in cars, anywhere that can hide them from the open areas. They smash their bodies on windows, doors, even on the walls of a building just to hide away. As the behemoths seem to weaken as the sun goes down, most of the structures can hold their force except for the few unmaintained buildings. Behemoths also learned and took a liking of easy access places such as subways and underground passages, tunnels, and malls.
Xyphen pushed the rack towards the entrance. If somehow they attract a curious behemoth, the doors, then the racks will hold it off until it loses interest. Hopefully something else will perk up its curiosity as soon as possible.
Some of the remaining items from the rack rolled down. Soleil put it aside. She sighed and then placed the phone inside her pocket. She wiped her hands on her jeans and started pushing a rack. Xyphen gave her a nod.
“I’ll check the office if they have some cloth to block out the sun,” Soleil mumbled as she pushed, the metal scraped on the floor making some chalk on blackboard like noise. Xyphen jolted and then he gave out a nervous chuckle.
“I thought it’s a behemoth,” Xyphen said. He ran his hand through his hair hastily, “Yes, thank you.”
When they had pushed almost all the racks inside the small grocery store except for the ones that are too hard to move, they stepped backward to see the work they did. It was as if a tsunami had run over the store and pushed all of its furniture at one side. Needless to say, it looked like it could hold a single behemoth.
Soleil gulped. “I’m going to find some cloth,” She said before racing to the back, the chihuahua trailing behind her.
The small office had one window which had its blinds closed, one desk and two chairs, a few lockers, and a cabinet. The mug that has a print of Have a great day! was placed on the middle of the table, the insides were blackened from the coffee that had dried up. Papers were scattered on the floor, the doors of lockers and cabinets were wide open, same with the drawers in the desk. The chihuahua found a place under the desk. It curled up and licked its paws as if it was pretending that everything’s okay even though it was still trembling badly. Soleil scanned the area and then the small restroom for anything, found a single black jacket and took it with her.
Soleil went to the opposite door of the office. The sign above says storage room. It was empty, thanks to looters. But she managed to snag abandoned blankets. Soleil tried not to think much about the dried up blood on the blankets, on the wall, and on the floor.
“Here,” Soleil said as she tossed the blanket towards Xyphen. Xyphen grimaced when he saw the blood. Soleil shrugged, “These were the only ones left. Also, the storage room had been looted clean.”
“No water?”
“None. I have some, are you thirsty?” Soleil was about to reach for her backpack but then she saw how bright the sky was. “Let’s drape these cloths first.”
They attached the blankets on the top shelves covering most of the light that was slowly seeping through the store. It’s not enough to block out all the sunlight but it’s enough to confuse the behemoths.
“That was it-“ Soleil immediately crouched down, her hand on her dagger. The ground shook, sending vibrations through her body. Her teeth chattering. Xyphen felt it too, but he was frozen, his eyes straight ahead on the gap above the racks. Soleil pulled him down. “Xyphen,” She murmured, concerned about her friend.
Xyphen’s eyes slowly drifted from above towards Soleil. He kept his palm on the floor. The floor shook, the racks threatened to fall on them. Each footstep made by the behemoths outside resonates on the ground. “They are bigger, Soleil,” He said when he found the words he was searching for a while ago when his curiosity was captured by the beings who walked freely outside. “They are nothing like they were years ago.”
Soleil looked into his eyes. It was glazed with fear and worry, and perhaps there was a bit of amazement somewhere in there. His lips trembled and then he swallowed, his Adam’s apple moving up and down.
An ear piercing shriek came from a distance. Like a siren. The shriek became louder as it got nearer. At the same time, a strong wind passed by sending one of the blankets across the store and half of the racks tumbling down. A flying behemoth.
“Xyphen, we need to go,” Soleil said.
They sprinted to the office and shut the door behind their back. They pushed the lockers at the door. Xyphen sat on the floor and buried his face in his palms. He couldn’t stop his legs from trembling, so he pulled them up to his chest. The ground didn’t shake as violently as it was outside the room, but the tremors didn’t leave his body.
What he saw out there was different from years ago. Maybe it was an entirely different species or maybe they just evolved into something more monstrous. They grew at least another two feet in height. Their skin doesn’t resemble a reptile anymore, they were covered with fur of different shades of brown and black. Xyphen couldn’t properly see their heads and he was half glad he didn’t.
Soleil walked back and forth and then crouched in front of Xyphen. “I sent the Guardians a rescue request.”
Xyphen looked at Soleil. Her eyes were red-rimmed, and her face blotchy. “Are they coming?”
She looked uneasy and it took her a while to answer. “Of course, they won’t leave us here.”
His eyes went to Soleil then to the dog who was curled up under the table. Its body trembled and its eyes were wide and alert. “We can survive this. The dog survived it. Hell, there are still people out there surviving this hell.”
It’s true, for their city and the few towns around them at the very least. They don’t know about anything outside that. Communications had been cut off from several countries. For all they know, a number of cities out there had been flagged as black zones or a no-go area. But then again, the organization had been secretive and quiet about these matters. Everything that has been happening outside the organization’s bounds, events and conditions of other countries were all stamped confidential, and top secret. And what little internet they have left that are still working are only within reach by very few small areas. Radios were the source of communication for guardians who went out further.
But the point is, if there are still people out there surviving these things every day in the comfort of their homes or wherever they are staying right now it only means that he, Soleil, and the dog stood a chance.
They are guardians, after all. Second ranking. Xyphen nodded to himself.
“I need to check something,” He said.
Soleil looked up at him. She sat across from him, her back on the wall where the lockers were a while ago. She jogged her knees up and down. “What?”
“Phone,” Xyphen said.
Soleil handed him the phone. She opened and closed her hands and hugged her knees. Her mind was off somewhere. Back in the headquarters, back in the dormitory. His father will be worried sick. No, not just that but he’s probably banging the doors of executive offices begging for them to make him leave and rescue them. And she doesn’t want that. “My dad,” Soleil said, then she swallowed. Xyphen looked over at her. “I don’t want him to worry. Can I text him?”
“You should have, Soleil,” Xyphen said, handing back the phone.
Soleil said thanks but there’s no voice that came out. Soleil exited the Behemoth’s Tab. What was Xyphen searching for? She went to the messages, trying her hardest not to let her eyes drift on the other conversations. She tapped the existing conversation of Xyphen and her Dad.
SIR CARTER (online)
Xyphen: Good day sir, is Soleil with you?
Boss said we need to go to Taco Bell ☺ Do you want something?
Sir Carter: Yes, she WAS with me. She’s running there you @ the gates right?
Xyphen: Yes Sir.
Sir Carter: Get me a crunchy taco. Make it two and then your mom wants Behemoth burrito.
Xyphen: Got it Sir.
3d ago
Sir Carter: Tell Soleil I’m going out today and I love her. Nag her to get a phoen she won’t accept my coins.
Xyphen: I’ll tell her sir. Yes sir. Keep safe. She says she’ll wait for her salary and she loves you too.
Type something...SEND
Soleil tried not to smile as she read the past conversation Xyphen, and his dad had. It was mostly about where she was or what she’s doing or are they fine. She looked at Xyphen. His face buried on his knees. His hair lost its style and was now just a bundle of mess.
Soleil pressed send and then handed the phone back to Xyphen. She slowly scooted near him and nudged his side. He looked worried sick, and she didn’t know what to say to help him clear his mind a little. So, she just asked the most random thing: “Does your hair bother you?”
He doubled a look on her before furrowing his eyebrows, “No, does your hair bother you? Or does my hair bother you? Is being bothered by your own hair a thing?” He squinted his eyes towards something in the window before gazing back at Soleil, “I feel like my own hair is an extension of my body, like a limb or something. You know, it doesn't feel unnatural to have it.”
And that’s what she likes about Xyphen, throw him a question and then he almost doesn’t stop dancing around the topic. It is also what made him acquire a lot of friends in the organization. One can ask him some out of this world questions and he would still answer them seriously.
Xyphen brought up his phone and tried to look at his hair on the reflection. Soleil grinned as Xyphen pondered about the question as he raked his hair to the side before doing his usual brushed to the back style until the phone screen lit up red and a notification popped up.