Hey yo! Here is my nft collection. you can check my opensea, i will put my link on comments.

Lesser Copyleft derivative works must be licensed under specified terms, with at least the same conditions as the original work; combinations with the work may be licensed under different terms Profile of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, worth an estimated $96B, as the company generated an estimated $20B+ in revenue in 2021 — The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix draws princes, movie stars and world-famous athletes every year to party on Yas Island, the entertainment hub about 30 minutes from the center of downtown. Miami-based Novo, a neobank for SMBs, raises a $90M Series B led by Stripes at a $700M valuation — Novo, the startup building a new kind of banking service from the ground up for small and medium businesses, has closed a significant round of funding to take the next step in growing its platform.

2022.01.16 23:05 Human-Ad-9897 Hey yo! Here is my nft collection. you can check my opensea, i will put my link on comments.

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2022.01.16 23:05 YOUTUBEROMANLAWSON Map Code: 3815-0863-8351

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2022.01.16 23:05 Visible_Barracuda_76 https://discord.gg/aVNPm5gv

Join for cp swear
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2022.01.16 23:05 ProjectAioros Gotham White Knight was terrible and lazy.

Let me start by saying that, the concept of White Knight was really good and I liked it, in fact the whole concept is what drove me to read it in the first place. The idea of the Joker turning good, Batman turning bad, and they both fighting for the ''control'' of Gotham.
The concept of the story was pretty good, the execution tho, was garbage. Most things on the story just happens for plot's sake, with the most poor and lazy justifications that the author dignified himself to write.
I could rant all day long on all the things that go wrong but let's go to the main dish from the start. The Joker, aka Jack Napier, the main character in this story.
I love the concept of the Joker turning good, of realizing everything wrong in his life and fighting to change himself and against his own dementia. When I first read thi story that was what I was expecting, the Joker struggling to leave his past behind and cure himself. Welp, joke's on me. He didn't had to do any healing, all he had to do was to swallow some random pills ( yes yes they were not ''random'', but the may as well be considering how random the persecution among Joker and Batman was and how lucky Batman was Joker decided to go exactly the route he had planed ).
But even then, it's still lazy, just swallow some pills and boom, you're normal now ?
But well, even if the Joker got rid of his dementia the easy magic pill way, so what right ? He still has to clean his name of all the atrocities, murders and uncountable wrongs he has done to the good people of Gotham right ? Haha no ! The Joker in White Knight is nowhere near as vicious as the main earth Joker. He is just a store robber and a mischievous fool.
See this is the biggest problem here, the author was so lazy, that instead of finding a way to redeem Joker, or at least make him comfront his atrocities , he just redeemed another character that's NOT the Joker. He just made a whole new character and redeemed him by magic. Where is the fun in that ? Where is the struggle ? Where is the hardship to overcome ?
The only hardship this joker has to face respect to his past ( aside the extra Harley Quinn that appeared for the lolz ), is to clean his name, which, turns out to be pretty easy, because Gotham's police is so laughable corrupt that it takes him just a few days to demonstrate they are incompetent and brutal and he has done nothing to deserve such punishment.
Author may as well just skipped all pleasantries and went to the Crime Syndicate Earth and just used the Joker from that universe , at least he was a better thought character.
And speaking of Harley, remember how I said the Author was so lazy that he just remade a new Joker that was easy to redeem ? Well, he didn't even bothered to do that with Harley, he literally made an extra Harley that was way less crazy, even way less crazy than the original Harley from the Animated series that allegedly represents, and she beats the new Harley. Why ? Was so hard to redeem this Harley ?
Seriously, the whole comic reeks of lazyness and a wrongly baked idea. Honestly I could keep talking about Batman but I just don't really care for him that much anyways considering this story wasn't that much about him.
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2022.01.16 23:05 Disastrous-Art-4282 Fosse Time

Fosse time and real time differs by a few mins. how do I fix this?
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2022.01.16 23:05 saurin212 Most Americans say Biden not focused enough on inflation, the economy: poll

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2022.01.16 23:05 Duckvondutch Big Events should support Small Business 🏈🥩😠

Last night I was watching the Bengals vs Raiders game & saw that Jeff Ruby was being advertised. Jeff Ruby is upscale dining with multiple locations & doesn’t struggle to fill a table. There are plenty of restaurants in the Cincinnati area that could benefit from the publicity. Cincinnati is a whole vibe and it would have been nice to see some of the local food and business represented.
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2022.01.16 23:05 AverageAndNotJoe Airlock settled after a day

On Friday afternoon I brewed a chocolate milk stout extract kit, everything went smoothly and I pitched Saf-Ale 04. Saturday I checked on the beer and it was steadily bubbling away. This morning I checked on it again and the airlock was silent, no activity, and the water was even across both chambers so clearly no pressure in the fermenter. I checked for leaks for couldn’t find any. At this point I’m unsure if fermentation is still happening or not. I can see bubbles in the wort rising and the krausen is bubbling a bit.
Should I let it ride for a week or so or pitch another pack of yeast now?
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2022.01.16 23:05 Agile-Lifeguard709 I'm making a Pokemon Fanfic, it's mostly cringing and has some Amour content in it :), can u support me and help this go to the 1st page(Wattpad ofc). Each Friday I might post a new chapter, so yeah,.. hope u guys appreciate!

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2022.01.16 23:05 hiro-dogetagonist When you buy the dip....

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2022.01.16 23:05 mougatu Being rejected because of your height isn’t a big deal

Guys that get rejected because of height and I’ve been there is not a big deal.
When women would decline a date with me because of my height I would thank them for good conversation and wish them luck. I just took my ego out of it cuz it’s their preference.
No need to be mean or upset just move on to the next person.
With that mentality I found someone and been with them for 6 years cuz even if I was rejected by one person I knew I was worth it to someone else.
Best of luck dating guys.
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2022.01.16 23:05 LiliaFuxia Soft Awakening, Serge Marshennikov

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2022.01.16 23:05 EmotionalGarbage8940 Just a rant sense I don’t feel very good (sorry I talk like a kid when I’m sad)

Basically the person keep going on my posts and being mean on them (saying their not funny etc) and I deleted one of my posts sense it was unfunny, and then they went on my other post and started doing the same thing, I was just asking them to stop but then I realized that they were bisexual (basically I’ve been hurt by other bisexuals online)
It’s always the bisexuals that hurt me I swear sometimes, I’m not saying bisexuals are bad I just keep getting hurt by them
Thanks for reading this vent :D
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2022.01.16 23:05 Aggravating-Bad-6004 How do i not be mad my husband keeps speaking to my disowned mother when i dont want him to?

I hate typing this, i feel bad 24/7 when im upset at him over this but ive had it to my limits. Ever since last year ive disowned my mother due to extreme abuse over my entire life emotional abuse to a large extent.
Ex- She told me when i came out to her as trans that our neighbors and friends would think i want to molest their daughters and proceeded to throw away all of my personal belongings in a trashbag as i sobbed. Threatened to kick me out of the house when i tried again 2 years later to come out. Has said homophobic slurs to me and held money over my head as well as a roof saying i need to keep my nose out of things.
I can name so much more, she has tormented my siblings and even ignored me a majority of my life just to favor my siblings (i dont even REMEMBER her ever talking to me until all my siblings moved out it was that bad) But i dont want to gripe on it all. I’ll get to the point.
I finally informed my mother i was done with her, i was married and out of her home finally that i wanted no more contact with her. She screamed at me of course but i left regardless and have kept to no contact for near half a year now however, my husband has been seeing her still and it is getting to me extremely so even after ive told him everything she’d done to me. He stated in his culture even if a member of the family acted cruel you couldnt abandon them entirely but i cant get over it. On thanksgiving he left with his family and spent thanksgiving first with her and i was left home most the day until he reeturned with his family for all of us to just have a small meal. He continually goes to her place and i sit in the car waiting a hour for him to come back.
I want to cry, if i had known he would pick her over me… i dont know. It hurts so much to know that i will never get away from her fully and he makes me feel the bad guy for feeling this way i almost want to scream. If anyone has advice please tell me. Because i just dont know if im the asshole in all of this
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2022.01.16 23:05 Jon2Brazy Slightly exceeded expectations...

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2022.01.16 23:05 DifficultArugula4522 Will consoles be getting the same 1.8 patch that PC got back in November?

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2022.01.16 23:04 rbyrnes15 Basilllisk Ultimate or Viper Ultimate?

I'm trying to decide between picking up the Razer Basillisk Ultimate and Viper Ultimate. The mouse will be used for gaming along with some editing on the side. I've heard great things about both mice but am looking for recommendations or if one is better than the other. How do the two mice compared to something like the Deathadder?
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2022.01.16 23:04 gwern "Medically Aware GPT-3 as a Data Generator for Medical Dialogue Summarization", Chintagunta et al 2021

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2022.01.16 23:04 ala_minecraft Starter base in my new Let's Play!

Starter base in my new Let's Play!
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2022.01.16 23:04 TurnThePage88 Need 4os archon plate

Post what you have I'll make offer.
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2022.01.16 23:04 Delayedkicksig Card counting

Is there anyone who is very good at card counting if so please message me!
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2022.01.16 23:04 smurfkingTF2 V1 and V2 Greenscreenpack?

Hey, started a couple days ago with my animated V1 vs V2 fight. it'll be SFM animated and will include alot of greenscreen as the map doesn't exist for SFM. Upon releasing the video, should i also make a complete greenscreen pack with all greenscreen pictures and animations of V1 and V2 that were used? Cuz i feel like people could do some cool stuff with them.
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2022.01.16 23:04 InitialKd whats the maintenence update gonna add I haven't been paying attention

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2022.01.16 23:04 doggywoggy101 Need advice. Didn’t get my bonus and also want to ask for a raise

My contract said I get an extra 5k guaranteed even if I don’t generate 5k in overtime, I did not get 5k in overtime (douche former manager refused to give me work because I was new). They owe me like 2.5k per the contract, but I also wanted to ask for a raise since I’ve been there a year. Need some advice for how to go about this and what order, this is a very small firm. These conversations need to be had this week also since my year anniversary was over the weekend
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2022.01.16 23:04 DJfunkyDoober “Long Division” 3’x3’ acrylic on canvas

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