SCP 27

2022.01.16 22:27 Gadburn SCP 27

Why We Fight:

Date: 6 months, 20 days after ‘Liberation’
Location: London, England, Shil'vati Barracks

Returning to the base had been simple even with a stolen shuttle, all Acetria had to do was pretend to be drunk and throw around her house name like a complete stuck up bitch. A few classic lines like, 'Do you know who my mother is?' or 'I can't wait to tell my uncle about this.' She'd likely made the poor women fear for their very lives by the end of her tirade, something that she felt absolutely horrible for doing.

They were just doing their jobs and demeaning them for being competent soldiers should have been completely unacceptable. The optimum word being 'should', everyone knew the rules were only for the average Shil. People like that of her House and the Tor'aels got to bend or break any and all rule they wanted, as long as they had the wealth or power to cover it up afterwards.

The fact that even acting like she used to caused her to feel shame and remorse was tangible proof of her own growth. At least she hoped so.

Reaching her quarters was trivial as well, the girls on duty must have known from experience to stay out of the way of an intoxicated noble, as no one tried to obstruct her.

How many people in the Empire felt like this? How many were afraid that angering the wrong woman could result in everyone they knew and loved suffering? Was this how that Goddessless cunt was able to get away with abusing and enslaving children?

If that monster's aunt could become a planetary governess of a critical new world, how deep into the Empire did the rot go?

The images of their smiling faces as they conversed and danced, all the while knowing what evils were being committed in the other parts of the palace, sometimes even in the next room over. It made her sick.

A mix of despair and guilt squirmed inside. Had she not been deployed to this planet, had she not met that wonderful creature, she would have almost certainly ended up like those disgusting 'things' at the dinner party.

She could see the galaxy and its people in a new way, a terrifying new way. Those she had executed were vile...evil. Who else would look just like them? Her mother? Her father? Her sisters?

The door to her room crashed open and her fellow adherents to the ‘Church of Tharnok' spilled out into the hallway, several of them embracing her.

"It's okay Ace, we've got you, take a minute if you need it. We're already packed up and ready to go." Ma'vri wiped her face with a towel, she hadn't even realized the stream of tears running down her face or how sore her throat was from the sobbing.

"Rish will pilot if you need her to. Do you know where we're supposed to go?" Letting her friends hold her up, she finally started to calm down.

"51° 10' 43.975" N and 1° 49' 34.374" W" Those were the coordinates Astrae had given before they parted ways.

"You're sure?" Ma'vri cocked her head and looked at her strangely.

"Yeah, why?" They'd be able to do the conversion in the shuttle, so they shouldn’t have any problem finding it.

:POW Camp, Wembley Stadium:

"Looks like that's them, Blackwood."

"Kind of early though, the retrieval must have gone quite well, Commander Walters."

"Or very badly." He hadn't ever been one for unfounded optimism, especially not with all he had seen.

"Well there are no alarms and they're not being shot at." Yet… They're not being shot at yet.

"That's always a good sign." There was no need to bring others down if there was no reason to.

Because of Warden Olreev's decision to stand down, there had not been a single casualty on either side, something that both the guards and prisoners were more than happy with. The only grumpy people were the poor girls in the riot gear, all that time waiting on standby just to find out they'd been caught with their pants down.

Most of the guardswomen had been poking fun at them for being so close to a male that they could practically smell them and not know they were there. 'Virgin' was being thrown around for awhile and it got pretty heated for a bit. Friction was to be expected; however, he’d been expecting it to come from between the two species, not amongst themselves.

Things were at the boiling point and it seemed the frustration had been building up among the guards for some time. For the young and horny women it had been hell, he could only liken it to guarding playboy models day in and day out.

The situation was not looking good, the last thing he needed was to have to deal with dozens of seven foot tall giants brawling it out. Getting Olreev to step in was also not an option, it would undermine his authority, and the last thing he needed was some hothead challenging him from either the invaders or his fellow humans.

He never thought he'd ever thank the Lord above for the Marines, but solving problems in unconventional ways had always been their strong suit, and a number of the servicemen along with a few women decided to solve the problem in typical marine fashion. Only two things ever went through one of their heads, fighting or fucking.

They had even asked for permission first, and normally he would have refused, but they asked so perfectly stoned faced and claimed that they should be allowed to on the basis of easing tensions, that he couldn't refuse.

His only conditions being that they finish quickly and ‘to boldly go where no one has gone before'. That got a good laugh from most of the surrounding troops.

It only took them ten or so minutes before they came sauntering back, whistling and high fiving, their 'partners' barely keeping themselves on their feet.

Goddamn marines...

"Seems like they enjoyed themselves." Ah yes, tall, grey and silent, the Warden had been given a fair amount of freedom considering she was supposed to be a prisoner. Sneaking up on him was a definite no no though, he'd have to take her down a peg.

"I heard that Blackwell and his boys ended up cock blocking you, or was it clam jamming? Regardless, you have my apologies as well as my permission to continue if you'd like." The werecat staggered back spluttering.
"You're Goddessdamned right they did! Another couple of minutes and I'd have had her bent over her desk screaming my name!" Hooting and hollering from both the Humans and Shil'vati erupted. The Warden's assistant Tra'lak wasn't shy with them, despite their species' supposed inverted social norms. In fact, from the limited exposure he'd had with the young Shil, Tra'lak seemed to enjoy being around his men, it seemed some healthy masculinity had been exactly what the boy needed.

"Okay everyone, take your positions!" It wouldn't do for the VIPs to see the former guardswomen and warden fraternizing with his men.

The shuttle landed with relative ease considering the pilot's lack of practical experience, there was also a moderate amount of satisfaction at seeing the captured Imperial elites trudging down from the ship.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Wembley Stadium! I am the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, Todd Walters. Behave yourselves and your stay with us will be a relatively comfortable one, should you decide against th..."

"Enough of this farce, Human! You will release us at once and pray to whatever primitive gods you worship that the Empress is merciful and pardons you for this transgression! Do you have any idea who we are, what our Houses will do to you?! They own entire worlds, command legions, they..." The confidently smug looks on the others faces disappeared when he unholstered his sidearm and executed the loud mouthed noble. As her body collapsed, the aliens shrank back.

"Your pedigrees and connections will not save you here, any actions taken or threats uttered will be met with severe repercussions. You do not seem to understand, you are as mortal as I am, as any other of those gathered here are. We are prepared to fight and die for our world, for our homes, for the families that we will never see again! " Having been able to make an example early was truly fortunate, these people needed to realize the position they were in, it would make them much more compliant.

"Now, let's try this again. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Wembley Stadium! I am the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, Todd Walters. Behave yourselves and your stay with us will be a relatively comfortable one, should you decide against this, you need only look to the lifeless corpse of the woman before you. Her being the head of the Ver'tis House and the Governess of Southern Asia did not spare her and your titles will not spare you!" Oh yes, he knew exactly who the noble had been. A particularly vile woman, even among those present.

A number of those selected were less important than the others, more belligerent and prone to troublemaking. Perfect candidates for a show of force, and whose families would be too busy tearing themselves apart in the ensuing power struggles to care about anything else after news of their deaths reached them.

"Sir, it's time." Blackwell had already started organizing the soldiers into rows and columns; it was hell of a sight to see them in the hundreds and thousands lined up like that. They hadn't been briefed on the rest of the details and had no idea why they were standing there.

The guardswomen were moved off to the side, while their new guests, Warden Olreev and Tra'lak were made to stand near the front of the formation.

"Remember everyone, try to remain as still as possible!" They stood and waited for the remaining minutes to finally tick by, but when they did, no one could believe what they saw nor where they were. It had happened in the blink of an eye and there they stood, a massive stone archway with wooden doors before them.

"Welcome Commander, it's high time you arrived. Come, let's get you up to speed and then in turn I hope you will do the same for your men." An older looking man with a gentle smile greeted him.

“Who are you and where are we?”

"Oh! Forgive me for my lack of manners, Commander, I may have jumped a little bit ahead of myself. We are on a rather tight schedule, but that is no excuse for bad behavior. My name is Lester, it’s a pleasure to meet you."

:Saint Paul Catacombs:

"Hans, get ze flammenwerfer!" The Humans' use of the 'fire tossers’ would have been questionable if all of their masks didn't have the ability to filter out the fumes and supply oxygen.

Even if they hadn't, dying of smoke inhalation was preferable to being sliced, stabbed, bitten, eaten or infected by whatever these things were.

"By the goddess, what have they done to them?" Commander Tharsis and her girls were hardened military women but to see them retching out their guts while a bunch of men laughed and prepared for the next wave was jarring.

"This, meine fräulein, is what your daughter's boyfriend and the cult turn innocent people and themselves into. The bodies only retained the barest resemblance to a human, bones and flesh split apart, every proportion entirely wrong, and the faces a mockery of the person they used to be.

The smell of burnt flesh was vile and nauseating, but the effectiveness at keeping the horrors down was indisputable, the human's bullets and even their lasers did little more than slow them down, their flesh just contorted and pulled itself back together.

The spine-like projectiles some ejected from their malformed bodies were strong enough to pierce cleanly through the ancient stonework surrounding them. One of Four's men, Fletcher had taken several of them to his arm and shoulder covering for one of the marines in the initial wave. His arm was torn to shreds and regrettably had to be amputated, Tharsis' medic did her best to save the limb, but in the end it had to come off.

The men of this world were just… wrong. Instead of crying out in pain or despair, the male laughed loudly, saying that “At least it wasn't my wanking hand!” The others of his pod laughed in response. He refused to be sedated and instead ran ammo and fuel to his brothers in arms after his wounds had been stabilized.

She'd overheard the human leader telling the Commander that the 'adrenaline was pumping so hard in the boy he likely wouldn't even be feeling it yet.' Whatever 'Adrenaline' was, it changed the humans, they felt different than before, almost eager for the next enemy. The look in Fletcher's eyes when he'd been pulled back to receive treatment could only be described as wild, the near fatal experience had seemed only to invigorate him.

She would have to get her colleagues in the Interior to look into it. If it was naturally occurring like she believed, then many tactics they employed would have the opposite of their intended effects. What good is using fear or pain if it triggers some form of innate evolutionary madness?

That had been nearly twenty minutes ago, and while the humans were still standing firm, her fellow Shil were quickly tiring out. The hordes of grotesque abominations were seemingly endless, each one to emerge from the chokepoint, more horrifying than the last.

Eventually the last of the creatures fell, the only thing remaining of them were charred black melting piles of flesh. Neither Four nor his unit moved, and the Commander followed their example.

"Are we not going to proceed?"

"They're not done yet."

As if to vindicate his words, another one of the cultists walked unsteadily into the room. She still couldn't accurately judge humans by their age, but the boy was clearly very young, he couldn't have been older than six or seven local years.

The humans didn't hesitate and soon the child was engulfed in fire. Whether the child was another of the monsters or not she'd never know but she was certain the screams would haunt her nightmares for the rest of her life.

"Clear!" The men stood up from their improvised cover, while Fletcher collapsed as soon as he heard the words to stand down. He would have hit the ground hard, if not for the short marine that he saved catching him.

"Axton's coming through so hold your fire." The human male, because of course it's another guy, stood in the doorway, soaked in blood and with what she assumed was bits of human stuck to him. A long metal hammer-like weapon dropped beside him as he fell to his knees.

The medic was reluctant to even touch him for fear that he was secretly one of those things. The lacerations and stab wounds were deep, and he'd lost a great deal of blood.

"Four. Tell Hephaestus... tell my brothers that I have... scoured the heretics. None remain below, tell… tell them that I go to Mekhane. I can only hope our Lord… that our Lord can forgive me for all I have done..." Axton said through wheezing pained breaths, while leaning on to Four.

"I am certain you will be forgiven, Axton." And with those final few words, the infiltrator was gone, the look of anguish replaced by an almost serene one.

"Why didn't he wait for us?" With their monsters defeated, all the man had to do was wait for them to come to him.

"Sometimes Agent, people don't want ta be saved. Axton here knew he wouldn't be able ta live with what 'ee'd done in the Cult's name. Even if it was ta destroy em, the evils he committed and the people he hurt don't get a happy ending, so why should he?" Many military women suffered from similar issues, thankfully there was a treatment available for them.

"Maybe he thought killing the evil fooks with his own 'ands might absolve some of his sins. Damn shame."

"Murphy, lead a sweep to make sure Axton got them all. Be careful as well, Commander Tharsis' daughter and Corporal Douglas are close, if they need assistance, help them back and then continue, if not, then let them know we are here." The older man and the other masked soldiers stood at attention, saluted and then proceeded down the dark tunnel.

"You three stay with me and Fletcher." The young resistance members whom the Commander had said were at Caerleon fell in behind Four as he walked away from Axton's body.

It didn't take long before Corporal Douglas arrived along with Ja'lana slung over his shoulder. Commander Tharsis, analyst Lo'ray and her podmates rushed over to take her from the male who was soon supported by his own friends.

Murphy also returned fairly quickly, from what she'd overheard between the man and Four it seemed Axton had felled a few of the larger abominations by himself before finishing off the Sarkic's leaders.

The only other thing to note was that Andrew, Ja'lana's 'boyfriend', had been flayed, which caused a few of the masked men to flinch. Whatever method of execution made these particular soldiers uneasy must have been uniquely unpleasant.

"Four, I can't thank you enough for coming with us. If we had gone in by ourselves..." The words were left unsaid, the outcome was obvious.

"You still got your girl's arm?" A bit of an odd question.

"Uh, yes.” They had brought it in hopes it could be reattached, but with the wound being cauterized, they'd have to give up on saving it. ”How come?" The humans were getting twitchy, something wasn't right.

"Good, good." Four looked to Murphy who'd moved behind the marines and nodded.

"Listen Commander, we have fought and bled together this day and under most circumstances that would make us kameraden, likely even friends. I want you to know I take no pleasure in this." After finishing his sentence almost two dozen humans decloaked around them, those who were visible from the start also turned their guns and fire tossers on them.

They were surrounded, even Fletcher with his one good hand had the medic at gunpoint. Sure she'd seen and done some pretty awful things in service to the Empire, but to fight side by side against pure evil only to be betrayed at the end? That was especially cold.

"It's nothing personal Commander, in fact it would be a great deal easier if it were. I told you that your people have no idea what they have stumbled into. Your trip down the rabbit hole has only just begun and we are far from done. '' Four didn't plan on killing the Commander, but what about the rest of them? And what was a goddessdamned rabbit hole?

Tharsis and Lo'ray were silent, as were the rest of the marines. The shock of the humans turning on them stung pretty badly.

"The scheiße you've seen here isn't anywhere near the worst we have to deal with. Your Empire is neither capable or competent enough to defend humanity and our world from the terrors that lurk in the shadows. Therefore you are all coming with us. I hope you will come along peacefully, but if we have to be rough, so be it. Fion will also be on site to fix what these chucklefucks did to your daughter, including reconnecting her arm." The weapons of the nearby humans hummed to life, they looked almost exactly like the old models that were phased out a few years back.

"It's not like you're giving us much of a choice." If looks could kill, the Commander could have single handedly turned the tides of their situation, but regrettably she wasn't the 'Almighty Man', so no heat vision for her.

"No, I don't suppose I am. But like I said before I do not enjoy stabbing you in the back like this. So how about we make a deal? I fight anyone from your side mano e mano, they win and you walk, but I win and you come along nice and peacefully." The male was bigger than the average human, sure, but in Earth years he had to be in his late sixties.

Taking off her helmet, the Commander cracked her knuckles and arched her back, the joints popping. All eight feet of her towered over the older man.

"I think I'll be the one to represent us." The old man was smirking as he removed his jacket. Burns, scars and tattoos covered almost every inch of his skin. By the Deep Minder, he was a monster, his muscles had muscles.

"So, ground rules?" Cracking her neck the two squared off.

"No biting, low blows and no hard feelings after." The Commander nodded.

It would have been nice to say the fight was a testament to Imperial might and strength, or baring that, a fairly even contest. That the commander mopped the floor with the old man, but the human's overwhelming victories, as in plural, were so complete that he'd given the woman several attempts. All of which resulted in her on the ground.

After fifteen or so minutes of fighting, Four leaned over the exhausted and beaten woman, he didn't gloat so much as he reaffirmed the situation, "We good to go, Commander?"

"Fine." And with that he took her hand, hauled her right off the ground and onto her feet, dusted her off and put on his jacket.

"I’ve gotta say, that was quite enjoyable. I have no idea who taught you how to fight, but they need to be fired on the spot. You've got a lot to work with but you're using it all wrong, definitely something we're going to have to fix."

At least they were finally going to get out of this tomb, and learning more about this organization would at least keep her from being demoted when she finally escaped.

She couldn’t wait for this all to be over.
Thank you to u/BlueFishcake for the setting, my editor u/0rreborre, as well as those who have spent years growing the SCP universe.
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napakatanga ko. inis na inis ako sa sarili ko sa sobrang tanga ko. ang dami ko binigay sa relasyon nato. literally, everything i have. wala na ko halos makuha galing sakanya but i didn't care kasi mahal ko. pero grabe, ang low ko na masyado. wala na ata akong self worth.
i fucking hate myself na i love him more than i love myself.
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Why do I mention I am professor? I've had one success before with RAOBJ and it ended up involving some professostudent roleplay which was a lot of fun. Would love a repeat for those who are interested ;).
In any case, what do I offer? Witty and/or intellectual conversation and a hard cock. I am 5'10, between average and a dad bod, salt and pepper beard, and have dark hair. I am pretty dominant but I'll also ask before pushing your head down. Open to reciprocation and more than just a BJ.
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I am posting this far out so that we can iron out any details and make sure we vibe. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Anyway my professors at my community college barely gave me a workload. Everything for them was open note. If I wrote anything for a class it wasn’t much at all. (hardest class was math but ended up withdrawing cause my professor wasn’t the best teaching wise)
Fast forward to this past week (the first week of classes) I saw my syllabi and broke down cause the workload is nothing to joke about. Long papers, quizzes every week (this upcoming week I have 3 quizzes 3 days in a row), etc. of course I know college is a LOT of work I just don’t think I truly prepared myself.
I’m not trying to sound lazy. I really am not. I’m going into special education because I want to help those in my shoes as an autistic person. I’m just worried with this workload and then the pressure of needing to be social (clubs, hanging with friends, etc.) I’ll barely have any time for myself or my hobbies/downtime. It’s weird but if I don’t have time for myself I get burnt out.
Obviously my question is how do you handle this work/life balance and manage to find time for yourself? I’m sorry that I rambled on for so long lol
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Or would $50 travel portal spend this month get the credit after July 2022? 07/08/2022 would be my 1st anniversary.
I was under the impression spending the $50 needed to be after my 1st anniversary date (07/08/2022). But for some reason of all the terms/conditions I have no problem understanding this one has me re-thinking myself.
Quote from my benefits page: $50 Annual Ultimate Rewards Hotel Credit*
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