90 Day Fiance's Anna-Marie and Mursel Expecting 1st Child Together

2022.01.16 22:30 agnesfolga 90 Day Fiance's Anna-Marie and Mursel Expecting 1st Child Together

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2022.01.16 22:30 teaoolong0e 🐺Dogepack is all about trusting one another, πŸ™Œ depending on each other and supporting when times are tough! πŸ’ͺ| We eat together (BSC Reflection token) πŸ– | Support each other (NFT Metaverse) πŸ–ΌοΈ | FairLaunch will be held Soon! πŸš€

🐺Our image revolves around being together as a Pack, supporting each other and always looking for ways to improve.🐺
That's why we have a low Buy tax so everyone feels welcome😊
βœ…These are some of the features we offer:

  1. Metaverse Rewards, all rewards are redistributed in real time! πŸ€‘
  2. We combine Automatic burns with Manual burns to keep the chart looking good! πŸ“ˆ
  3. Liquidity is of course Locked!
  4. Upcoming NFT Metaverse combined with Animated NFTs! 😱
πŸ₯° We also believe in helping our animal kingdom out, hence Charity donations to Animal Shelters!
βœ…We also have Unique Anti Whale features, so our wolves feel safe while hunting and eating:
  1. Every 24h, you can sell up to 0.2% of the Total Supply 🐳
  2. You can sell up to 0.1% of the total supply per transaction πŸ˜‰
  3. 1% of the Total Supply per Wallet πŸ™‚
πŸ€‘Buy tax is 5%, easy to get in:
😎Sell tax is 20%, no easy way out:
πŸ“Social Links :
🌍 Dogepack
πŸ₯ Dogepack Twitter
πŸ’¬ Dogepack Telegram
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2022.01.16 22:30 SheriffGiggles (OC) Winter Break's over

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2022.01.16 22:30 Neat_Kaleidoscope593 Genesect Add 8180 1376 1356

Be online pls
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2022.01.16 22:30 dulcetdreamer Why the hell is marijuana so demonized sometimes?

And thank God that we're a new generation and that we'll definitely be 50 tryna get high without our kids knowing. 🀣 But seriously, why is it considered so bad? I'm legit at home, sipping on Coca Cola, vibing to Real Housewives of Atlanta. I'm not doing anything bad, I'm not hurting myself. I actually just took some medical marijuana, so it's not hurting me. So why is it considered so bad?? My aches and pains are working with me, not against me. I'm chill. And I'm vibing, and it's nice.
I'm just happy I'm not one of those people who thinks it's bad. Bc it means I get to know that it's not a bad feeling and I get to remedy myself.
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2022.01.16 22:30 therudeino 2022 C8 dealership $10k markup

Hi all. Looking to get my first "dream" car. I've decided I want the C8! Unfortunately, my dealer wants to add a "non-negotiable" $10k markup on MSRP of my new C8 Build. Is there any way around this that anyone has found? Any help is very appreciated!
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2022.01.16 22:30 korinokiri Harry can't believe his ears

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2022.01.16 22:30 Longjumping_Set_8934 Gta online glitch

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2022.01.16 22:30 Autumnlover21 Withdrawal method for my health

My husband and I have succumbed to using the withdrawal method. Every time I get semen in me, I get a horrible yeast infection. I have tried probiotics, boric acid suppositories (they worked but made me bleed for weeks and cramp) and have gone to doctors which are of no help. I can’t get pregnant so I am in no way trying to prevent pregnancy. I am just trying to not be miserable with constant infections. This is a mortal sin for sure right? I am so stressed about this and would welcome any recommendations. Thank you.
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2022.01.16 22:30 Dan_S04 Someone change the sword to a Samsung Smartfridge. I had that idea over on OP’s post but I’m not talented enough to do it. I’m confident some of y’all whackos are though.

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2022.01.16 22:30 Aralmin Giving a bonus to Rescue routes

Hello, I am a newbie DSP driver and I have been slowly adapting to my new job. The problem though is that I work at a slow pace and this really irks my DSP and they have frequently been sending rescue routes to help me out. I find it kind of unfair that these guys have to be sent to help out others and then they aren't even being paid for it! Usually when everyone is done, everyone just heads back. I think if you want to give others an incentive to do a rescue route, you can pay them more. I think by having a rescue route bonus, it would attract alot of talent. It is clear that some people are better than others at doing a certain task, what I struggle with doing, another coworker does in a breeze. If a person is being paid extra for it, it would not bother them as not only are they not losing anything but they would be gaining too. I think some drivers would even want to seek out rescue routes for the extra pay and due to them being much easier than their standard routes.
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2022.01.16 22:30 MTmayday At a loss for words

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2022.01.16 22:30 ZoolShop Florida tornadoes destroy dozens of homes, leave 7,000 customers without power

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2022.01.16 22:30 Jhools96 Someone should create a game that uses doge as it’s currency.

Is this possible?
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2022.01.16 22:30 noelioli Rooting for him this Saturday

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2022.01.16 22:30 betheaux A whole week without alcohol. Tracking everything and working out every day. And I’ve gained weight! *vent*

I know, I know. It’s only been a week. But it’s really frustrating when I have started out so strong and see a GAIN on the scale. I was sure I’d drop at least a few pounds as I gained 20 in less than a year and was consuming at least 1,000 calories a day in alcohol. I’m trying to look at the positives. Bloat has gone down a little. Sleep is better. Not hungover, etc. And I know it could be a number of reasons I am not seeing a loss. I’m eating more frequently and more food (1,800 calories a day), which is only 300 cals more than my BMR. I’m tracking. And I’m working out at least 30 minutes a day. So sure, it could be water retention. Maybe my metabolism is just freaking out and doesn’t know what to do yet. I just feel like nothing is going to change and the scale is going to be stuck.
Anyone else out there that has been through this? Sorry for sounding whiny. I have plenty to celebrate.
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2022.01.16 22:30 Antique_Ad_5210 Famous ocean

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2022.01.16 22:30 idontknowjustsome So why do people get so pressed if someone doesn't clutch on QP

I have recently encountered many players who get so toxic if I don't manage to clutch. I don't understand why this happens especially if you with your stinky butt skills died first in the round wo doing anything. It's not like you spend much time in a single match just find another match after the current one is over
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2022.01.16 22:30 Accomplished-Today99 Rabbit snuck in a drawer and chewed the rubber top of this thing. I tried to pull it out of the mouth but couldn't grab the rest. Wtf am i supposed to do?

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2022.01.16 22:30 nannerooni The shadow of a woman taking off her shirt

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2022.01.16 22:30 Zestyclose_Buddy5780 Last wish code (possibly)

Hey I remember seeing a wish in the last chest room on one of the canopy room I don’t have the dlc anymore but if someone will have a look (don’t think this is one that was already found sorry if it is.)
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2022.01.16 22:30 RBMKkitsune asscrack orchid :)

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2022.01.16 22:30 inv3st0r Prayer for my Little Cousin and his Family

My little cousin (11 years old) is battling brain tumocancer. It's at the point where the doctors and hospitals can't do anything. He is now home with his family were he's spending his time since nothing can be done. He is slowly deteriorating, where he isn't able to make any sentences, can't even and barely moves. My heart aches for him and his family. Having a child go through this must be so hard for the parents. No parent wants their kids to go before them. This is really destroying our family. All we can do is pray!
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2022.01.16 22:30 DFWRangers NA CLASH - T4 Support LFG (Season 11 Gold 2) -- IGN SupBigRon

msg me IGN SupBigRon
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2022.01.16 22:30 RalphRalph2 Maltese Inu ( The Shiba Inu killer ) | 200+ Holder | x1000 potential | Strong Rapid Growing Community | Low MC | Major CEXs confirmed | Join Today

Diamond handed πŸ’Ž 🀲 community holding strong after 1 hour of launch. Still almost at launch ATH
If you’ve been around you know that THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RARE AND EVEN UNHEARD OF!!
🚨 Maltese Inu is the absolute forerunner in sending an Airdrop to EVERY current Shiba Inu holder! This is a WIN WIN for the Maltese Inu community BECAUSE of being the first coin who ever did this AND by slapping the Shiba Inu Devs who send half of all token to VB who screwed over the entire community!🚨
Telegram: https://t.me/MalteseInu_Group
Contract: 0xd103ddfce38cd1cb45ee49cd6b9005b324ef6d9f
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xd103ddfce38cd1cb45ee49cd6b9005b324ef6d9f
Facts and Future
πŸ’₯ Doxxed Developers
➑️ CMC listing incoming
βœ… Listed on CG
βœ”οΈ Major Exchanges confirmed
πŸ“ˆ Trended organically on Dextools
πŸ”’ 100% Liquidity locked for 2 years : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x01395c93C587c94d03BDb6cDE9eA430368742B55
πŸ’» Exchange friendly, deflationary tax schedule (10%➑️0%)
➑️ True Mining Utility (Holders get paid πŸ’°)
⛏Utility: purchase Doge and Litecoin miners, create a dashboard where the holders can collect the native Doge and Litecoin currencies (perform buy backs and burns)
➑️ Massive Marketing funds
(Paid known celebrity crypto influencers, Merchandise, YouTube, Giveaways and community raids etc )
➑️ Plans to be on the ERC-20 Network
Supply: 3 Billion
Symbol: Maltese
Contract: 0xd103ddfce38cd1cb45ee49cd6b9005b324ef6d9f
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