sniper scope bug?

2021.12.04 16:11 anymancanreddit sniper scope bug?

hey guys! do me a favor and scope with a sniper and aim nearly straight up. is it just for me a change in sensitivity? its extremly slow when you aim up? wth?
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2021.12.04 16:11 newsdk Sms-sagen ruller: Han er Mettes onde ånd

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2021.12.04 16:11 freebiehivecom Empty Snow Globe PNG

Empty Snow Globe PNG
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2021.12.04 16:11 the_godfather61 So close… Also should I continue to hunt brown bear or move onto grizzly?

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2021.12.04 16:11 tongc00 Why do players want to find empty servers for games?

I know there's a lot of demand for finding empty servers for games, but can someone help me understand what people use them for? Is it play with their friend or something else?
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2021.12.04 16:11 GranolaColonizer 34 war travs 111shako lf runes

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2021.12.04 16:11 BB19_vp What (OG) Sailor Moon episodes do you recommend are not already covered in Crystal?

My gf started watching Sailor Moon and then found out that Sailor Moon Crystal is a more comprehensive version of the main plot points. However, the OG series still has some funny and wacky episodes that seem worth watching. Any recommended from the OG series to watch?
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2021.12.04 16:11 newsdk Nu er det officielt: Messerschmidt skal i kampvalg

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2021.12.04 16:11 mee4877 Busy Friday for these wedding guests…

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2021.12.04 16:11 avidmarc This team has officially made me CRAZY. Have tried it over 200x today. Yes I could upgrade my resonating Crystal but I'm so close to beating...Zolrath always kills me 2nd repeat.

This team has officially made me CRAZY. Have tried it over 200x today. Yes I could upgrade my resonating Crystal but I'm so close to beating...Zolrath always kills me 2nd repeat. submitted by avidmarc to afkarena [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 16:11 iliemc i made a python program to automate adding the nvfbc plugin to obs on linux

hello everybody i made a python program which adds nvfbc plugin to obs, inspired by anthony's video.
you can clone it from here and run on your system.
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2021.12.04 16:11 DevilMaster7 [self] Geralt of Rivia Cosplay from The Witcher Netflix by Devii.7

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2021.12.04 16:11 pingu_friend First time home owner, lawn dying suddenly

I had a very health green lawn for the most part of the year, and I recently noticed that in December patches of lawn dying. No fertiliser application happened in the last two months.
Can you pls help me what might be the issue?
Thank you!
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2021.12.04 16:11 Kara_youtube STREP-MAS: take a sick day with me (Vlogmas 2021- Day 2)

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2021.12.04 16:11 RadiantReddit FANCVY

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2021.12.04 16:11 Wzolnxfire What question are you tired of seeing reposted here?

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2021.12.04 16:11 Outrageous_Holiday_4 Tapering off of clonazolam with Klonopin...will it work?

I have been taking clonazolam for around 8 months now everyday at about 3 to four and a half milligrams per day. I am 41 years old, and have been taking benzos for around 23 years now and have an extremely high tolerance. I get a prescription for 90 1 mg Klonopin per month which I have been trying to stockpile while taking clonazolam. I am just worried because clonazolam is a triazolobenzodiazepine, and Klonopin is not. Also being that I have been taking clonazolam for 8 months now, I have to dose once in the morning and then again towards the evening/night, and even when I do that I wake up feeling super anxious from the rebound.
So do you guys think I can taper off of clonazolam with Klonopin? I know I cannot cut out clonazolam completely because it is slightly different in molecular structure then Klonopin. Any and all opinions are welcome, thanks guys.
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2021.12.04 16:11 MrCypher322 I think he really love me, that makes me happy everyday 🤗

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2021.12.04 16:11 Inner-Arugula-4445 I need help

Do easy and medium challenge mode unlock the same stuff or do you have to do hard to get everything unlocked
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2021.12.04 16:11 BDawgJackson 💚💚

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2021.12.04 16:11 No_Medicine2457 Cat has a yellowish stain on his nose?

Several months ago my cat started developing a yellowish, light stain above his nose (on his nose bridge). The stain, when wet looks like tiny clumped up wet fur. At first we thought it would go away on its own but it didn’t, so we took him to the vet. They said it could be a fungal infection and picked out the fur from that area and prescribed him with an antifungal medicine. It didn’t work and he ended up licking it up. We went to another vet and they thought it was a fungal infection too. My dad contacted a friend who practices veterinary medicine and he said to just leave it be and it would go away on its own. To add, this stain doesn’t seem to be bothering my cat, but it’s still really odd and I need to know what it is. We’re still looking for answers as to figure out what it is and treat it. My cat doesn’t have any illness, he’s only had a history of ear mites prior to this. If anyone knows what it could be, the help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.04 16:11 MrMando23 Mando Smp

Hello we are a very active Minecraft bedrock edition realm. We started a new season on November 30th for 1.18. This means we will have ALL the features of 1.18. Additionally we are a completely vanilla realm and we also do not have cheats enabled to ensure a fair experience. Mando Smp is a combination of both smp and anarchy all on the same server. We have elements of smp such as events tournaments and builds meanwhile allowing wars for any who are interested. By doing this we combine two completely different spectrums of Minecraft realm together.
Here are the current (soon to be updated) rules of mando Smp:

  2. No Duplication glitches
  3. No one pixel skins/invisible skins or any skin that can give you an unfair advantage in game.
  4. Do not share the realm invite code. I will share it. You can invite people to the discord server though.
  5. No combat logging
  6. No cussing
  7. No stealing unless you are in a war. Also the person you are at war with has to be online in order to steal from their team.
  8. No griefing
  9. You must be honest to staff.
  10. You must respect staff.
  11. No killing unless you are in a war, a tournament, or someone has invaded your property. If someone is in your property against your will then you must first warn them to leave. You can take any loot that they drop when you kill someone.
  12. Nsfw content is prohibited.
  13. If someone logs off the realm so they cannot be stolen from because they know you planned to steal from them, you have the right to steal from them anyways.
  14. You must change your nickname on this server to match your Minecraft username.
  15. No spamming on the discord server or on the Minecraft realm.
  16. No making lag machines.
  17. No using texture/resource packs that will give you an unfair advantage in game.
  18. No killing afk players. If you go afk to not be killed, then the person attacking you or planning to attack you has legal rights to kill you. This is within rule 11 and any other rules that may apply.them.
  19. Please do not try to find or use loopholes to these rules. If you find a loophole contact me immediately.
  20. You may kill someone if they invade your property as stated in rule 11, however you can only use this in defense. You cannot try to tempt someone to your property or try to knockback someone to your property to kill them. If they willing enter your property without your consent you may kill them after warning.
  21. In order to declare war on someone you must provide a valid reason to be approved by an operator or the owner.
  22. You cannot go around trying to track someone's base unless in war.
  23. No harassing people or admins (especially admins) in dms. Especially if they ask you to stop. If you do this you risk mutes or worse... ban.
If you would to join please dm me and I will send you an invite code. Thanks
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2021.12.04 16:11 hug-a-cat Quit my bar job because I was constantly being aggressively hit on and absolutely no one had my back. Can't say I regret it but I'm pretty screwed now money-wise so any advice would be appreciated!

I posted on AITA recently and a few commenters linked here. I'm kinda worried about my situation and I figured maybe this is somewhere I could get advice.
Some background: I have to work a couple of jobs to make ends meet, one is (was) in a gay bar. I'm friendly, chatty, and pretty obviously gay and customers hit on me fairly frequently. I'm not just talking about pestering me for my phone number or complimenting my ass or something (that happens too and I don't exactly love it but it's easy to ignore). I'm talking about groping, really graphic sexual remarks, a weird amount of r**e jokes, jokes about spiking me or following me home, you get the picture. I don't think it should be seem as an occupational hazard of working in a gay bar.
Obviously I really don't like this, I don't encourage it, but management are shit at dealing with it and my colleagues have never had my back. I struggle a lot financially and for various reasons my employment opportunities are not good, so I've ended up putting up with stuff I probably shouldn't just because I need to pay the bills. However, I've made VERY clear that it's something I'm unhappy about so this should not be coming as a surprise to anyone.
For a couple of reasons, things are quite shit for me atm. I have PTSD which is currently kicking my ass due to a few recent triggers, so my tolerance is lower just in general, but especially for people invading my space or whatever.
A fairly typical situation happened earlier in the week, with a customer being inappropriate, pushy, and not listening when I asked them to stop. The person I was working with at the time egged them on (I made the bad choice of briefly telling my colleague that I'm having some relationship issues to explain my bad mood, so they told the customer "hey he might be single soon!" SO helpful). I didn't get outwardly angry at the time, but as soon as my shift was done I told the manager I was quitting. Their initial reaction was to tell me I'm pathetic for getting so worked up about a bit of harmless flirting. They've been guilt-tripping me because they gave me a chance despite not having much prior experience of this kind of work, and my colleagues are accusing me of being overly sensitive and acting like a child.
I feel like I made the right call, but enough people have told me I should expect to be treated that way working in a gay bar that I'm doubting myself. I'm also going to be really screwed for money so it probably wasn't a smart choice from that perspective.
Idk. Does anyone have any advice on what I could have done differently or what I could do to avoid similar situations in the future? Does anyone have any advice on getting by financially when you have shit qualifications, a shit life history, and questionable mental health? I feel like most of my options are customer service and it really isn't a great fit.
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2021.12.04 16:11 Large_Bar_7032 my ex calls me his bestie is he holding on or making it clear we are just friends?

my ex broke up with me we were together for two years and we ended on good terms I told him lets just stay friends he agree to it
since our breakup
-He confessed that he misses me as a friend
-Told me how much I made an impact in his life and personality
-He even planning to buy me a gift
-He calls me bestie and tells me that I m his best friend
-When I ask him earlier on do you want to give the relationship another chance he ignored my messages
-he finds excuses to speak to me asking for recipes even though he can google them
- I asked him lets facetime every Monday he agree but Monday came i didn't want to text him to remind him i don't know why he didn't text me
-now its been five days since the last text
we broke up in Oct. but texting here and there since until now its stopped
He broke up with me because of the distance and the fighting was too much but he sends many mix feelings he give hot/cold text messages a lot
do is my ex making it very clear we are just friends and nothing more ?
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2021.12.04 16:11 Ariel_BinBalling Who knew beggars had this much depth? Skyrim

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