So I was at level 248 and I started a new game...

2021.10.27 07:42 fuzzywhitepeach So I was at level 248 and I started a new game...

And now I'm kicking myself in the ass as I try to stay alive struggling at level 6... just as a pack of 3 mongrels rips me to shreds. Seriously 3 stray dogs? 😆What was I thinking lol
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2021.10.27 07:42 Spoopy_Doo Y'ALL...They tried propagating a SoP they cut from the pub. 😂💀

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2021.10.27 07:42 kid-_-death Ocugen Approval Submission to FDA

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2021.10.27 07:42 Rickrolled87 Who do YOU want the two Centre Backs in r/fifacardcreators FC? Leave your vote in the comments! (VOTING ENDS TOMMOROW!!!)

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2021.10.27 07:42 hmmidk12345 Mega absol raid on me adding first 5 be ready 3761 3094 8132

3761 3094 8132
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2021.10.27 07:42 Wrekfin Too coarse or nah. (Pour over V60)

I make coffee that I enjoy, however I like trying to make an even better cup than the last. I enjoy playing around with different variables.
I have a lower budget grinder, it is a burr grinder but in order to compensate for the amount of fines I'm getting, I've gone quite coarse. Like pop rocks or a bit less. But otherwise if I go any lower, without straining the grinds, it's drains so slow and honestly at this point, I'm probably not aware of it ruining my coffee.
Coming from an auto drip machine and pre ground coffee, I much prefer this method. I love the ritual of it all but just want to refine my method as best as I can. Thanks for any info. I'm all over the place.
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2021.10.27 07:42 cerealkiller1036 I'm so tired

Might drop out a third time. Too in debt to quit. I'm only in school to get away from home. Just want to lie down in a storm drain and disappear. I can't focus. Idk
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2021.10.27 07:42 Heart-of-the-Ocean Mew

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2021.10.27 07:42 CJMusic69 Am I unbanned yet?

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2021.10.27 07:42 sweetredcolette (26F) Day 78493902 in lockdown. Dressing up to take a selfie. Have a beaut day friends x

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2021.10.27 07:42 MonkeyPyton Some of y’all here…

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2021.10.27 07:42 Valvo921 SHIB> doge

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2021.10.27 07:42 Laff_loaf Nice dress socks🤣 btw its my first post :) it's very sux

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2021.10.27 07:42 Expert-Illustrator23 Ma...

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2021.10.27 07:42 Jensen_Explorer White / Grey Katuo-Z FRZR9000 Double-Box Hauler Euclid Galaxy T2 Economy

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2021.10.27 07:42 beandad666 Excuses, excuses, excuses.

“Excuses are nothing but a lie.” I just read this quote this morning, and I hope it helps me or you when excuses pop up. Remember that an excuse for a drink is a lie, and you can get through it.
Have a nice day today 🤍
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2021.10.27 07:42 cremedelapoo Sold to carvana, how to inform state of the sale?

Sold my car to carvana straight up, didn't buy anything new from them. Didn't do the usual thing where you sign the title over etc, and instead signed the power of attorney stuff. They say i need to inform the state of the sale... But how? (This is Michigan). I don't see how to do it online... Do i have to go in person? Based on my experience with secretary of state, it feels like they would just be confused about what i want them to do... Because I'm not exactly sure what - remove the car from my name without telling them whose names it should now be in?
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2021.10.27 07:42 ChuchuCocina espectacular receta!

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2021.10.27 07:42 anik_saha71 Why Time and Attendance Tracking Software is Essential For Your Company?

Time and Attendance Tracking Software has been the most straightforward method of measuring labor and calculating rewards. In today's world, it is frequently utilized as a source of critical data on how to work with anyone working. On what may be improved as well as which work process trends deserve greater attention. This critical data is collected and analyzed using advanced time tracker technologies.
Use of Time and Attendance Tracking Software: Every business organization has a different perspective on employee management. For others, using this software is for reporting the working hours and to calculate productivity and sales. In every industry, time and attendance tracking are essential. Automating the process can reduce costs and improve operations for all industries. Nowadays more and more employees are working from home, from remote offices, and on the go. So, this method can prove beneficial to a business, but it can also make employee time tracking difficult.
Attendance keeper software enables organizations to create comprehensive reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flex time, and holiday leave to understand how employees manage their time.
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2021.10.27 07:42 Educational-Ad1680 Post op info

I've scheduled an appointment for Botox next month, but want to go over some of the post op stuff.
What can I eat after?
Do I need to take pain meds?
How long before you feel normal?
Why do people recommend bubbly drinks so soon? My doctor said to wait after a bit.
Anything else I should know? Maybe we can sticky this somewhere on the sidebar.
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2021.10.27 07:42 lurdakopse eBay $15 Coupon

Here is the eBay $15 Coupon
Really good site if you are looking for coupon codes. You can find most stores deals, coupons, deals on there.
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2021.10.27 07:42 DISANews U.S regulators examining Facebook's disclosures - WSJ

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2021.10.27 07:42 DragonP70 What is a cheap but good wireless mouse with back and forward keys?

I have a Logitech G503 SE Hero and I keep unplugging it to take with me to school. I just want a good mouse thats wireless with back and forward keys that I can pop in my school bag. Max price I'm willing to spend is 80 Euros.
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2021.10.27 07:42 xGi4nnix My game is less then enjoyable. Please help

Just started playing the game for the first time. At first, i had some performance issues, especially when looking far into the distance. When the game started lagging, the sound started lagging too... I fixed that by switching from Vulkan to DirectX. Performance and sound is fine now.
But everytime i open the ingame Map by pressing M it drops to like 3 FPS. Same with Catalogues and Weapons Wheel. If i open the Map via Pause Menu everything works fine. So it seems maybe it has something to do with overlays or transparency?
Please help me fix the game! I want to enjoy it so badly :D . Worth mentioning is that i´m on Windows 11. Anyone got any ideas?
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2021.10.27 07:42 Jessejr317 I lost botw…. HOW CAN I SURIVE

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