I think I want to do magic at the talent show | Moshi monsters animation

2021.10.27 06:12 DiavloLover2986 I think I want to do magic at the talent show | Moshi monsters animation

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2021.10.27 06:12 Studio_jindo Leafly spac with ticker MCMJ, make sure to support other weed stocks

Leafly is like the amazon drop shipping of marijuana. They just spacced up to go public through MCMJ. This will def fire off, maybe not a short term squeeze play, but def will see gains especially in november. It is also the last spac with options and good float numbers. If this goes well, SNDL will def see benefits as well. Look into it and get in while it is cheap!!
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2021.10.27 06:12 lacuuuuuna Do you feel safe in Perth around the train station/Yagan Square?

I've lived in London and New York and yet somehow feel more unsafe in certain parts of Perth/Northridge even during the day - the anti social behaviour screaming yelling drunkenness of some people who congregate around that area is unnerving and it seems to be getting worse - I can see why people would rather go to the shops at Karrinyup etc than ever go into the city - in 30 years of living in Perth I've never know it to be so bad
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2021.10.27 06:12 soligarfielf Quite a nasty piece of work, I am impresssssed

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2021.10.27 06:12 FortunateFeeling2021 The new 'easy DRS option' on IBKR is inbound, not outbound. Be careful to check Apes. I nearly made a boo-boo. Do it the old fashioned way via the Message Centre (or phone)

The new 'easy DRS option' on IBKR is inbound, not outbound. Be careful to check Apes. I nearly made a boo-boo. Do it the old fashioned way via the Message Centre (or phone) submitted by FortunateFeeling2021 to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 06:12 ConstantinGD Book travel #34: Triktuefo, Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Schotlandia, 21.10.21 [Mmm, we hope you will be friends, Triktuefo, otherwise - float away!]

Book travel #34: Triktuefo, Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness, Schotlandia, 21.10.21 [Mmm, we hope you will be friends, Triktuefo, otherwise - float away!] submitted by ConstantinGD to TokenTotem [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 06:12 ScuffedMuffinx09 Fallout 4 mod, reupload? Please? [Request]

https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/55215 [Fallout 4 Project Mojave mod]
It's a free mod, & my wi-fi is not good right now. . . Can't buy the premium membership!
So can anyone upload a faster link? Mega link, or any other fast link.
Please and thank you!
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2021.10.27 06:12 SilverChair86 I checked my ex's socials and now I hate him again, but it's been 8 years!

tldr; my ex was mentally abusive and made me severely depressed, I just checked his socials and he's living my dream and I'm very upset about it so I need to get this out
Bear with me, this is long.
I have a wonderful life, a great husband and two amazing daughters. I have a job I love and am overall happy with where I am. I only regret not pursuing my passion which is music, I've accepted that at this time I just don't have the time and space to do so. However, I sometimes struggle with my mental health. I was depressed for a great deal of my adult life and have been working on it and am better than ever. Part of what I needed to do was learn how to love myself and forget all the negative thoughts that kept popping up, which were mainly my ex's opinions on me.
We got together when we were 14, we both went to church so we were pressured to not have sex and get married young. It's just the way things were. I had to change myself for him, he didn't like my friends and he always told me to lose weight and told me I was crazy a lot. At 15 I found out he was watching a lot of porn, which hurt my insecure little girl brain. I told him how it made me feel. He understood and told me he'd stop watching it. I even had him take pictures and videos of me to masturbate to. I hated those images and have never seen them. Over the years he had hundreds of pics and videos of me. He hardly ever used them. He watched porn every day and it developed into an addiction. It was bad. I know porn can be a healthy and normal thing, but because of the taboos in the church and the way he felt about sex, it was a problem.
He asked a lot of me, I always had to look a certain way and had to have sex with him every day once we were married. If I didn't want to, he'd get angry at me and would make me feel guilty. Sometimes I just complied and got on my knees for a quicky. He lied about porn a lot, sometimes watched it multiple times a day, when I would go out for groceries or in the shower while he was in the next room. It just hurt me that he wouldn't come to me with his desires. I soon learned that I could never fulfil those desires. I wasn't as tight and skinny, I wasn't willing every single moment of every single day. He told me to work out and get rid of my body fat, he told me to hold in my stomach while on a beautiful beach on a dream holiday. I wasn't fat, I was almost underweight.
He always told me how to act, how to dress (or more specifically, how not to dress), I wasn't allowed to wear certain things, or dye my hair in colours I wanted. If he thought my dress was to short he told me I was asking to get raped. He wouldn't let me get my nose pierced. He acted like he knew everything and I had to comply to everything he wanted. He made me feel guilty for everything I did. I had to ask him permission for so many things. He was in charge of our finances and I never knew how much we had, we were married! When I my only bra broke I had to buy a new one and he was like "Oh so you need money? Well, as long as it's 15 euros or less". All this while I was studying and had a part time job. I was also in charge of household chores, groceries and cooking, but it was never good enough, never clean enough. He'd freak out when I'd leave juice on the counter instead of putting it in the fridge immediately. He told me I was lazy...
At 22 I developed severe depression. He didn't believe it was depression, he just told me I was lazy. I'd feel so bad and would stay in bed all day, frozen. At 5 pm I'd quickly get out of bed, get dressed and made myself pretty, clean the whole house, do groceries and cook before he got home. If I wouldn't do all of those things he'd complain or get angry. I had to get an actual test and show him the results before he believed I was actually depressed. Then he'd mock me, tell me I was addicted to my depression and used it as an excuse. All the while I hated myself and my life and thought I was a bad wife and a bad person overall. I still sometimes get panic attacks around 5 pm and feeling incredible guilty I haven't done enough because of this.
The lying continued. I tried my best to be pretty for him, do the chores so he wouldn't get angry and have sex with him any time he wanted to, which was every day. We had amazing sex and I did everything he wanted me to do. I wasn't prude or lazy. I tried to compete with pornstars, so I pulled out all the stops. He was always satisfied, but still he looked at porn every day, while lying about it every day. I learned later in life, that when you tell your partner that something is hurtful to you and you ask them to stop, it's normal to stop said thing, or at least work at it or find a way to work it out together. We never worked it out. It was my insecurities. He blamed it all on me. Like the time we were on a beach and a very attractive woman was wearing nothing but a thong while splashing in the ocean and running around and he couldn't keep his eyes off of her. When I finally got the guts to confront him about it he got angry and told me not to be so insecure. It was always my fault.
Now, this relationship was doomed from the start. We were young and it started out because we found each other attractive. I soon felt not good enough for him and he lied to me a lot. I went looking for validation, attention and love anywhere I could find it. When I was 24 I cheated on him. I'm not saying what I did wasn't bad, it was bad. It was wrong. I should have left him. But I couldn't. I tried to leave him multiple times, at 17 at 21, at 24 and at 27. He just told me I was crazy and I didn't really want to leave him. Later he blamed my depression and if I just got therapy our relationship would get better. When I was 24 I went to study abroad for a minor for 3 months (I had to beg and plead to go, I was so scared to ask him so I did it in a letter). I was scared to go because I knew he'd only watch porn when I would be gone, I made new videos and sexy photos to keep him satisfied, we promised to skype every day and stay close that way. He promised not to look at any porn. While I was abroad we chatted every day the first few weeks. We'd talk about how things where there and and how my stay was. We also talked about sex and I'd ask him about porn, he always reassured me he only used the videos and pictures I made for him. I even sent some when I was there and we sometimes had "cybersex" after which he'd log off and I'd be left feeling lonely. He stopped responding to my texts, wouldn't be online when we had planned to skype and just made me feel very lonely. Then one day I asked him about porn and he told me he'd been lying for months and he just can't do without. That night I had plans to go out with a friend and I met a guy there..... I didn't plan on it, but I fell in love in like 2 days and cheated on my ex with him (we're still close friends to this day). I told him months later when I was back home, we separated for a couple of months but got together again, god knows why.
So yea, I wasn't a good wife. I know that.
Then, 3 years later, I was feeling miserable again and wanted to leave him. I told him this, he blamed my depression and told me I didn't want to leave him. I was developing a crush on a friend and I didn't want to fall in love with someone else, I didn't want to cheat again! So I tried to tell him again that I wasn't sure I wanted to be in this marriage anymore. He called me crazy. Months later he saw a chat between that friend and me and he thought we were acting too friendly, he knew I was in love with him. He called me while I was with my sisters and mum and said "I read those messages between you and [name], that's it, we're done. Let's get a divorce" So we separated, he called me, texted me, wanted to chat all the time. He asked so many questions and got upset when I wouldn't answer them. He told me I was the best thing thing that ever happened to him and that he would never be happy again, he told me he'd rather be dead. He told me I was the most beautiful woman in the world and he would never want to be with anyone other than me, there will never be anyone better than me. He asked me that if we weren't happy in 5 years if we could get back together again. A month later he had a new girlfriend. A year later he was engaged. A couple of months after our divorce got through we met up for coffee. He talked about his new girlfriend and that they'd been abstaining from sex until they're married but they'd do other things which would make him so horny and it was difficult, but he was confident. He also told me he finally beat his porn addiction and never watched it anymore, however, a woman close to me runs a website where girls could post sets of sexy pics and nudes/videos for money. She told me he signed up for that website recently... So why would he say that? Why would he lie?
My depression got so bad, I had to realise a lot of things, I was suicidal and believed I didn't deserve anything good, I was a worthless woman. I only got better once I realised he was looking over my shoulder with every move I made. I had to get rid of his voice in my head. He really fucked me up, you know? I hated myself!! All because of how he treated me.
There's so much more he did to me that really hurt me and scarred me.
Now at 35 I'm finally confident, happy, I feel gorgeous, sexy, I feel like I can do whatever I want, I'm a hard worker and I'm proud of what I do, I have a clean house and take care of my girls. I'm amazing! But it took so much hard work to get there. Sometimes I get a tiny little feeling of "you're lazy, you're worthless, you're stupid", but I know it's not true. I tell him to piss off! Today I made the stupid mistake of checking his socials. Damn. I hate how happy he is, how successful. He's a musician, he and his wife tour together and play gigs at the most amazing venues. He is living my dream life. To him, I'm the bitch that cheated and he's the good husband who put up with me and my craziness for 13 years. To me, he's like this big mean man who hurt a little girl and made her feel small for 13 years. I wish he would just disappear from the face of the earth, or at least disappear from my memories. Some Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind.
I want to tour too, I want to play gigs each week. I'm more talented than he is, but he is creative, has the drive, confidence, money and time to do the things he loves, while I messed up and couldn't finish any bachelor degree because of severe depression. Ok. It's off my chest. And for the umpteenth time: I will never check his socials again
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2021.10.27 06:12 Pplayboii Y’all’s be slacking mad hard if you want more content of bambami post shit don’t be asking for more content if you’ve got no content yourself. Post her help the community grow

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2021.10.27 06:12 BuyAndHoldIdiot Am i (27M) the asshole for thinking about leaving my GF (25F) to go travel in Asia for a year?

Where to begin..
I (27M) have always had a really strong desire to travel, but I have never had the chance to explore the world because of not being able to afford it and because I wasn't ready mentally. I have been on countless family holidays, which was fantastic, but it's not what i'm craving. I took 2 weeks alone in Rome 3 years ago, where I spend the time exploring the city, meeting new people and just being me, which to this day is my most treasured trip.
I have just finished law school, and I have saved a decent chunk of money. I feel like I can't relax and enjoy my new job, or my life in general, before I've had the chance to really explore the world. I have been with my girlfriend (25F) for 3 years, and we have a dog. She is a good person, but the relationship is far from perfect, and we have been close to breaking up multiple times. She was the one really wanted the dog, which I've also really love now, and she is now talking about marriage, kids and a house. She does not want to travel for more than 2 weeks, and she wants it to be shopping/beach/all-inclusive holidays, which is the opposite of what I want to experience.
I know I will regret it, if I do not satisfy my thirst for backpacking for a year in Asia. As I see it, It will only get harder to do if I wait. I want to being able to socialize with other backpackers, and not being that weird old guy who does it in his mid 30's. And that is, if it is even possible then because I also want to start a family in my 30's, where children will significantly complicate it. She will not accept me traveling for a long time, which I understand, and the travel will entail a breakup.
Should I stay and try to make the best of the limitations the relationship entails, or should I follow my gut? Have you ever regretted not doing something because of your significant other?
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2021.10.27 06:12 Pretend-Indication91 ALREADY EXISTING GROUP LOOKING FOR +1

Hey looking for an additional memeber to join my Eu based regular group iron team. The ideal player will be eu based or play to eu timezones, around the 20 age bracket and have great game knowledge and experience dm me on here or on discord #sassy3887 (discord is probs your best bet js)
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2021.10.27 06:12 MasterRazar117 [XB1] H: Trades W: Uny/Ap or Int/Sent Marine Chestpiece Leftarm Right Leg Left Leg

AA/Aim Dmg/15 Faster Reload Fixer Ari/E +A Fixer BE 2* LvL 40 Harpoon only for AA or B/25/25 Hm B/Last Shot/250% Auto Launcher Exe/25 Firerate/250% .50 Cal F/Fss/+A DCG Jug/E 2* Handmade V/Aim Dmg/15 Faster Reload Railway Rifle T/50 Crit/25 Vats Cost Handmade Z/50 Crit/15 Critfill Fixer QE Lmg 2* Trapper Uny/Cav/+S RA Wood Uny/Cav/+I LL Leather Uny/WW+S RA Marine Uny/Cav/+L LA Robot Uny/HTD/+L RL Heavy Leather Uny/Cav/+E LL Scout Uny/Sent/+A LA Scout Uny/Cav/AP LL Scout Uny/Sent/+L RA Scout Uny/RAD/Cav RL Scout Uny/Cav/+A X01 Van/Sent/Explosive LL X01 Van/Sent/+S RL X01 Van/Sent/+A LA X01 Van/Ap/Sent RL X01 Van/Sent/Hunger Thirst CP
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2021.10.27 06:12 Adiityalolz Someone rickrolled the INDIAN Government (There was a webinar conducted for some cyber issues for students)

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2021.10.27 06:12 Teth_1963 Stories of Bible Dragons 20 minutes in gets really interesting

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2021.10.27 06:12 Basicb_ No more frizz with braids

Maybe this will help someone here. I cant even start explaining how many products i bought over the years, from drugstore to expensive and i was always dissapointed with results. I didnt treat my hair as wavy, so that was one problem. But i always put extra care on my hair, so it is really frustraiting spending money for products that wont work with your hair. So yesterday i decided to try something that my mom used to do with my hair when i was a kid. Braids! I blowdry only the roots ( i usually air dry it), eventually my ends got dryer but not all the way. U dont want to braid your hair with soaking wet hair because it wont dry and u will wake up with wet hair (at least for me). I just did one braid and woke up with no frizz? And my hair is soo smooth. I cant believe it. I started wavy routine about a month ago and i always end up with stiff, crunchy hair. If i wanted to make my hair more wavy i would do two braids, but I like this soft wavy look. I have 2a wavy hair and (i think) high porosity since im bleaching my hair.
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2021.10.27 06:12 JackRaidenLaLuLaiLo Today was my DCA day..

Today was my DCA day. I just bought XTZ at 5.90 €. As soon as I refreshed bitpanda it crashes to 5.00€.
God damn crypto is a bitch sometimes...
500 Character limit filler:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam eget justo interdum, pellentesque lectus quis, hendrerit tortor. Praesent non facilisis elit, at feugiat erat. Nunc eget mauris tempus, semper dolor non, laoreet sem. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Donec ipsum tortor, tempus a ultricies ut, egestas quis risus. Donec eget lorem aliquet, bibendum urna ut, semper magna turpis.
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2021.10.27 06:12 Scoterican Ash, this didn’t age well 🤪

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2021.10.27 06:12 kain149 Gungan Bounty Hunter - Hiis Vorpal and SKR-B07

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2021.10.27 06:12 doppefeatte2x A provably fair dApp casino that has integrated DeFi mechanisms to ensure liquidity. It is fully decentralized and has fully on-chain transactions to ensure transparency. Moreover, it has integrated Chainlink's VRF Oracles to achieve a tamper-resistant outcome.

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2021.10.27 06:12 Leakimlraj bomb tears + holy brimstone = ?

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2021.10.27 06:12 nahill How likely is it that my efforts will be a waste if I jump to experimental?

I'd like to start a new factory in experimental but ideally I'd like it to be my final attempt at completing the game. Therefore it might outlast the experimental builds. Given past experience, how often are the save games broken in experimental? Should I just wait until experimental becomes release and stick to update 4 for now?
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2021.10.27 06:12 JCStuff_123 For every international ape coming through ibkr. These are the next steps to take! u/Rat-Soup-Eating-MF you are the man!

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2021.10.27 06:12 Kickwax Antti-Jussi Tiitola, the Founder of Titan, Has Passed Away

Mr. Tiitola, aged 85, has passed away. He was born in 1936 into a hockey family. His father and all four uncles played for and one of the uncles was a founding member of Ilves, the most successful hockey team in Finland. He founded Titan in the 1960s to manufacture skis but quickly expanded to hockey sticks.
Their real break through came when they managed to get the Soviet team to use their sticks in the 1972 Summit Series. The sticks were painted red to stand out and the players were told to give away all their sticks to fans after each game.
Titan had its most success in the 80s when Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, amongst others, used their sticks.
He also founded Pama Hockey, which famously sent Noah Dobson one of their sticks after his broke in the WJC with costly consequences. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/finnish-company-sends-noah-dobson-new-stick-costly-wjc-snap/
I found his English interview on Youtube:
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2021.10.27 06:12 ILLENIUM912 Ein richtiger "SmartTV" würde die Lautstärke automatisch reduzieren wenn Werbung kommt

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2021.10.27 06:12 GlennieCollazo Foxville.app is blockchain farm gaming on Solana - 2D NFTs Whitelist is live Mint @ 0.5_SOL

Foxville derives its competitive edge from updated features that its offer, which includes NFT staking, multiverses, cross-chain interoperability, DAO and many other features. Foxville is user friendly and forward looking platform that aims at evolving as a community.

Fair Comparison…
Foxville is a decentralized play to earn gaming platform that has integrated DeFi and gaming. It is a GameFi. It has an exciting farm based game unlike the usual old centralized free to play Farmville. Foxville has 11 different categories and 176 versatile traits. A quick comparison between the two can make it clear.

Foxville Farmville
Play to earn Free to play
Decentralized Centralized
Multiverses One universe
Better visuals, AR, VR Augmented reality
This was a quick comparison between our childhood favorite, Farmville and blockchain integrated GameFi, Foxville. However, there are other farm based games on blockchain too.

Foxville FarmTown CryptoBytes
Play to earn Free to play Fun to play
Decentralized Centralized Decentralized
Native token World currencies Native token
Multiverses One screen No multiverses
Cross-chain interoperability No cross chain interoperability No cross chain interoperability
Solana Blockchain ----- Binance smart chain
The game of Foxville depends majorly on Fox-Farmers. These Fox-Farmers will be able to harvest crops, and perform other farm duties to create a lavishing farm. These farmers can then sell their assets in the Foxville marketplace to generate wealth to upgrade their living standard and their farm.
🏆 Already Achieved 🏆 Media Coverage
✔️ Yahoo Finance Coverage: https://finance.yahoo.com/
✔️ Accesswire Coverage: https://www.accesswire.com
✔️ Whitepaper: https://foxville.app/whitepaper.pdf
✔️NFTs Traits Chart: https://foxville.app/nft-traits
✔️ Solsea Marketplace Listing : Solsea.io
✔️ DigitalEye Marketplace Listing : Digitaleye.market
✔️ Foxville Explainer Video : Foxville Introduction
YouTube Influencers
✔️ YouTube Reviews Video 1 : www.youtube.com
✔️ YouTube Reviews Video 2 : www.youtube.com
✔️ YouTube Reviews Video 3 : www.youtube.com
Twitter Influencers
✔️ Crypto Celebrity onboard 1: twitter.com/ramironayar
✔️ Crypto Celebrity onboard 2: twitter.com/cryptobri_
✔️ Crypto Celebrity onboard 3: twitter.com/oka_crypto
✔️ Crypto Celebrity onboard 4: twitter.com/solana_daily
✔️ Twitter 23k
✔️ Telegram 24k
✔️ Discord 16k
🎊 Future Plans 🎊
📌 Solanart.io marketplace listing
📌 Play to Earn Reward
📌 In Game Crafting
📌Mobile Game Application
📌Cross Chain Interoperability to support multiple blockchain
📌Automated AI Bot integration
📌Strategic Partnerships
📌Metaverse VAR Game Integration
📈 3D NFTs 📈
Total Supply of NFTs 9999
1st Round 2500
2nd Round 2500
3rd Round 2500
4th Round 2500
Fee Percentage
Resale transaction fee is 5%
65% from initial sale allocated for FoxDao
35% Fox Treasury
Common 60%
Epic 15%
Legendary 13%
Rare 7%
Super Rare 5%
11 Categories total 176 traits
Foxville NFTs Whitelisting
How much will it cost to mint 1 NFT ?
Social Links:
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