3D printing project…

2021.09.19 00:15 DaveMakesStuffBC 3D printing project…

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2021.09.19 00:15 sotenborii Just a bit of confusion with the character customization in Aragami 2.

Is there a way to unlock certain pieces of armor such as masks? Or do you get it gradually obtain them throughout the story of Aragami 2?
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2021.09.19 00:15 shadowCloudrift How to get Dolby Vision on Legion 7 (2021) again after a fresh install?

I did a wipe with a fresh install of Windows 11 after acquiring my Legion 7 last week. I redownloaded the Dolby Vision app on the Windows store. However, changing the settings doesn't seem to do anything? Do I need drivers? I checked the Lenovo support page, but all my drivers seem to be up to date for the time being.
Is there also a list of programs that come installed? I forgot to make a note of them. The only one I downloaded was iCue so I can control the lighting on the keyboard if I want.
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2021.09.19 00:15 NewsElfForEnterprise Ramp from northbound I-35E to Dallas North Tollway to be shut down nightly next week, NTTA says

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2021.09.19 00:15 Hungry-san Did some playing around with a Conjuration Wizard. Here's what I got.

I was planning a character for a sandbox campaign, kind of a kingmaker game for Pathfinder fans. Here's what I came up with.
Now as a Conjuration Wizard there are several important spells. Let's go through each of them.
Now for the bulk of your army I recommend Finger kf Death. This spell is a classic Necromancy spell and very useful because it lets you create zombies who are permanently under your control. This will make up tje bulk of your army. Best of all this spell has no components so you can just use it every day on bandits or goblins, people no one will notice is gone. If you can become the lord of a local kingdom you can punish criminals and other people with this spell. Best of all this zombie army is easily concealed. Zombies don't need to eat, breathe or do basically anything to survive. So learn the Demiplane spell and have your zombies wait in it. A demiplane is a 30 by 30 feet room meaning 90 medium creatures can be in it at once but wait it gets better! Because you can have multiple demiplanes at once! Meaning you can transport effectively infinite zombies at once!
Next are two spells that RAW are meant to be used together. The first spell is Create Magen from Rime of the Frostmaiden. This spell creates a creature called a magen who is one of three stat blocks which we will refer to as the martial magen, caster magen and social magen. This spell has very expensive components but the lack of concentration and technically infinite use make it very good for long term. The catch is each magen created reduces your hit point maximum by the magen's CR. This effect, RAW, can be negated by Wish though so if you get Wish then this spell is quite useful. Even moreso when you get Wish you can ignore the components of this spell and use it very rapidly. Think of these as the second-line of offense in your army. Martial magen can use magic items making them ideal for both dealing with pesky nonmag-immune monsters and leading your zombies. What is more they are undyingly loyal to you and can even engage in suicide attacks such as necklaces of fireball while engaged with the enemy. The social magen have the ability to cast Suggestion (DC 12) at will. This is a tad weak but with enough of them any creature is bound to fail. Finally are the caster magen who are best suited for attacking groups of enemies and especially enemies in metal armor.
By far the most important are these three spells: Summon Greater Demon, Planar Binding, and Magic Circle. Cast Magic Circle at 4th-level to create a cage that traps demons inside of it. Now summon a greater demon into it. Now, in a best case scenario, you cast a 9th-level Planar Binding to force a Charisma saving throw onto the demon. On a failure the demon is completely loyal to you for a year and a day. Magic Circle both have components. Magic Circle requires a mixture of holy water, and powdered silver and iron with a value equal or exceeding 100 GP all of whicb the spell consumes. Planar Binding is very expensive and requires a jewel worth 1,000 GP, which the spell consumes. So to get the most bang for your buck cast Magic Circle at 4th-level, cast Summon Greater Demon at 8th-level for a CR 9 demon (preferably a Nycaloth) who is loyal for a year. These demons will be the siege weapons of your army because you can make a finite amount (you can pretty easily maintain about 50-100 IMO before you need to worry).
So individually these spells are quite useful but altogether (and especially at high levels) they cam be used to incredible effect.
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2021.09.19 00:15 svanapps Emma Raducanu pursued by army of brands including Aston Martin... and she could become a BILLIONAIRE

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2021.09.19 00:15 felixantosart Portrait Girl ( Photoshop, digital )

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2021.09.19 00:15 trueslicky Having issue with copying text to insert comment or to cut / copy

I've been having this issue recently where I'll drag the cursor to highlight text in a Google Doc to either insert a comment or to delete or to copy/cut, and it immediately becomes unhighlighted once I let go of my mouse.
Any idea what's causing this? It's infuriating and driving me crazy...
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2021.09.19 00:15 johnrock001 Top 10 Characters From Seven Deadly Sins

Top 10 Characters From Seven Deadly Sins - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/seven-deadly-sins-characters/
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2021.09.19 00:15 psychedelicfilipinx_ UERM ADMISSION 2022

Meron na po bang application now for College of Nursing sa UERM?
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2021.09.19 00:15 chosentragedies Hyperdontia Fan Art

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2021.09.19 00:15 Shisi4576 Is it concerning I’m getting sexually turned on by kindergarteners and 1st graders in school yearbooks?

So I’m 15. I’m in 10th grade.
Unfortunately my last elementary school yearbook is for the 2016-2017 school year as I was in 5th grade then.
Very frequently I look at photos of the kindergarteners and 1st graders and I jerk off to them. I feel all horny and tingly, and all that.
There was this 1 first grade Indian kid named Kavin, and I wanna bang him so badly. Such a hot little boy.
I do the same for the 2015-2016 yearbook, 2014-2015, and 2013-2014.
I don’t do 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 because I was in Kindergarten and 1st grade respectively, and I know my classmates and a lot of kids in the grade below very well.
So I’m asking if it’s concerning because this is technically disgusting and morally wrong but at the same time makes me very happy, and doesn’t really harm anyone.
Do you have any tips on what I should do about this and handling the feelings?
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2021.09.19 00:15 Silver-Fun-8295 No Atomic Samurai?

OPM but our sandbag friend doesn’t exist. What changes?
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2021.09.19 00:15 QueeLinx Texas Republicans begin redistricting with more freedom to draw their maps. Karen Atwood Tweeted link

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2021.09.19 00:15 chixmagnet BALANGBANG: A Native Victory Dance of the Mountain Province

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2021.09.19 00:15 bensmusicofficial Baby Keem's New Album "The Melodic Blue" Is Another Step In His Evolution - Review

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2021.09.19 00:15 MFWmyNameIsTaken Planning on using fluorocarbon line for the first time on my baitcaster. Should i spool some mono underneath it like I did with braided line?

So my neighbor, who is a very experienced fisherman, told me to put some mono on my spool beneath braid if I use any, which I now do. Would the same be recommended if I were to use fluorocarbon?
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2021.09.19 00:15 aBitchOnReddit moon rabbit my beloved <333 anyway ik tired goodbyyyeeee

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2021.09.19 00:15 BlloodySunday [WR] The Wild Thornberrys: Rambler (GBC) Any% Wilder in 9min41sec

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2021.09.19 00:15 thunderbird-70 to all the fine people who wished Houdini well in June, greetings

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2021.09.19 00:15 JiangRong222 Streetfighter [Chapter 20] Rumors a flyin'

Streetfighter [Chapter 20] Rumors a flyin' (Previous) (Next) (First) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Alistair just stared at the large 7 foot and 2 inches tall purple woman. She was blushing a heavy shade of blue, obviously being embarrassed. Behind her, a few feet away stood her compatriots, of course, they were in their 3 women pod after all. He decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and open his mouth to respond in Shil.
“I can speak Shil, it’s fine and my name’s Alistair.”
The woman seemed to sigh with relief as her podmates behind her looked on excitedly. A human male that spoke fluent Shil! No human accent or any odd inflection, if they closed their eyes it would sound like just a male Shil’vati speaking shil, albeit the male had a much deeper voice.
The woman he was talking to was obviously elated at the prospect of a human male speaking in fluent shil. Something along the lines of being able to communicate properly in bed or whatever perverted thoughts those eggplants had up in their head. He rubbed his face and gestured for the girl to speak, who appeared to be stunned into silence.
“O-oh! Right, well um, okay. So, you look really cute and all. Co-could I have your contact information?”
Alistair looked at her and pretended to be thinking for a few seconds. He then looked at the frozen produce then back up at her.
“You do see I’m busy here doing my shopping, right? You couldn’t have waited now could you.”
He said with a painfully dry tone. As he said this, he could notice the facial expressions on the two women behind the one he was conversing with sour. It was evident they knew that this interaction was going down south very, very quickly.
“Y-yeah, well, um, sorry about that… So umm, could I still have your contact information?”
He could hear the hint of desperation and hope in the woman’s voice, as well as within her eyes. It was painfully obvious she was the shil equivalent of a horny teenager trying to get laid as soon and as fast as possible. There was no point trying to get into a relationship with someone like that, plus, it would attract too much attention towards him and his family. He did not need some resistance fucker to come looking around for him.
“Yeah, thanks, but no thanks. You seem like a nice girl and all, but I already have a girlfriend.”
The looks of all three shil’vati definitely dropped, looks of disappointment filled their faces. By now, their conversation had gathered a few onlookers which had formed a little crowd around the 4 people, 3 aliens and one human.
Alistair sighed loudly, looking at the Shil’vati woman who was in a stunned silence. She had obviously not envisioned the conversation to go that way. He sighed loudly and proceeded to walk away, grabbing onto his shopping cart. He walked off, pushing his way through the crowd which had opened up for him. Leaving the 3 shil’vati in stunned silence.
E’lai stood there in the stunned silence of the human grocery store. She had asked out a cute and tall looking human male. But to her complete and utter shock, she rejected him! Was it because she was too shy and not confident enough? From her browsing of the data net, human men preferred shy and more “masculine” women.
So why was she rejected? She had massive “goods” as it were and most men liked those massive breasts. Wouldn’t that be enough for the human to reject their monogamy, come to think of it. Most Shil men use that as an excuse anyway, “oh i have a girlfriend I need to see, oh I’ve got too many suitors” and something along those lines.
She narrowed her eyes, hot and blue faced from the embarrassment. She decided to chase after the man, to demand him to date her! She quickly walked forward, reaching over with her left hand to grab the human male’s shoulder.
“Now lis-”
Before she could get her sentence formed properly, she suddenly felt the human grab her arm. All of a sudden, she was lifted into the air and slammed down on the ground of the Walmart, HARD. A loud BANG could be heard as her head ricocheted off the ground, no blood, thankfully. But definitely enough to stun the woman.
She held the back of her head, feeling a large lump and bruise already growing on it. She had landed at a weird angle, landing first on her head and then secondly on her lower back. She could feel the pain shooting up her lower back already, thankfully however, it was nowhere near debilitating. However, it did hurt, A LOT.
She did not have the earth bound adrenaline of various terran species, so she was beset by the onslaught of pain. By now, a large crowd had gathered around her, especially her podmates as she attempted to sit up, having smashed her head and back on the ground.
“Are you okay!? Shit, where did that guy go!?” “Fuck! Someone check if anything’s broken.”
However, there were muttering from the human side as well, from both man, woman and child.
“Mom, why did that large purple lady grab the man?” “Serves that purp right for laying her hand on a man.”
“Damn purps, need to respect personal boundaries.”
One of her other podmates quickly waved with an arm and spoke in relatively broken english, “Go away! Nothing to seeing’s here!”
The staff who were just about to arrive, blanched and decided to turn around away from the Shil’vati. San Francisco was a green zone, they didn’t want to spiral into yet another conflict or potentially cause it to revert back to a red zone like it once was. The risk of that was far too high.
Not wanting another incident on their hands, the Shi’vati quickly decided to go pay for their grocery shopping in the store. But by then, the mysterious tall human had left. Which left a large gap in their minds, how did that human throw a 7’2 foot tall Shil’vati woman so easily! And the mystery of human fighting styles, grows ever stronger
Alistair quickly returned home after that complete fiasco. The news of him would be growing for sure, it was a mistake to go into the city to be more “social” or whatever the fuck. Being asocial was good for him. He could disappear into the night or in his room, none would be the wiser.
But now, people were actively looking for him. The news of the demon emperor and human martial arts styles would grow. Alistair sighed, sitting on the edge of his bed as he held his head between his hands. This was problematic, too much attention would be attracted to him. He couldn’t go outside for the next week or so, let the heat die down. Back to calisthenics and basic kung fu body conditioning then.
He sighed loudly, reaching over for his phone to quickly text his friends. He opened up the group chat, quickly firing off a text.
Alistair, 10:00 AM
Got to lay low, won’t be coming to practice for a week or two. Meet at the fight ring later.
He quickly shut off the phone, deciding to go do some training for now. He rolled his shoulders, walking over to the gym room. It was relatively small, with a few weights and what not. But the most important parts were the traditional chinese kung fu training implements.
Iron rings, to strengthen arm and leg strength. They were probably the inspiration for the anime training weights around the ankles and arms. You were supposed to do them while doing wushu forms, to help conditionself.
Pots of iron sand, simple, to help condition the hand. One of the most popular and well known Wushu techniques, known as the Iron hand. A very simple concept, numb the nerves in the hand, strengthen the bones and skin to ensure one can strike through brick. Punch through solid blocks of concrete.
It could also train iron fingers, fingers so tough to the point where you could rip off flesh and pull out someone's windpipe. Tiger wushu style emphasizes iron fingers heavily, to claw and rip out someone’s larynx. Pretty hardcore stuff.
A few wooden staffs and metal staffs, to help train Iron shirt. Which was similar to Iron palm, except hardening and deadening the nerves of the skin to reduce the pain of being struck. Alistair trained this the most because getting hit by one of those massive shil’vati and raikiri would hurt like a bitch.
His shoulder from being clawed by that damnable raikiri still aches every now and then. The necessity of the iron shirt technique could not be understated. To ensure one could roll with the punches, take punishment and to ensure one could take damage.
Of course, there was a spear. Not used for stabbing people, now, it was a traditional wushu training implement designed and used for muscle control, as well as explosive power. You were supposed to hold the spear by the end and shake it back and forth with your body. If the tip of the spear did not vibrate, you were not pushing enough explosive force and energy into the motion.
This was how Alistair improved on his naturally abundant muscular strength from his myostatin deficiency, as well as how he was so incredibly explosive in the ring. A huge factor in how he was able to land one shot KO’s or TKO’s on alien women. Wooden floor + Inertia + Head kick, hurts a LOT.
Well then, Alistair thought to himself, time to train.
A couple hundred metres away, in the Shil district
Rumors were abound, stories of the magic human fighting arts plus their magic human dick were spreading around the district. Many of them first hand accounts of shil’vati humans who had faced the masked trio at the “Purp vs Human '' event.
How they had destroyed their legs, threw them around, managed to knock them out. Many Shil’vati had come back home disappointed and depressed. They thought it would be easy, they had boundless strength right? Sure they might lack stamina, but surely one punch to the face would be enough to take them out right?
They were wrong, oh were they wrong. Not only did some humans manage to outlast them by dancing around them, some of them managed to knock them out with actual blows. The most prominent human being talked about in hushed whispers, the “Demong emperor.”
The mythos surrounding him grew and grew, an incredibly large and tall human. One with boundless stamina, strength and physical prowess. Able to lift and throw a raikiri, able to knock out multiple shil’vati. Able to grind them down to nothing with nothing more than his limbs.
And he was also undefeated. However, there was one person that they knew of that had sex with the “Demong emperor”. A Helkam woman, a nobody really, of one of the lower castes in Helkam society by the name of Laari. She had became an overnight sensation, being the first known girl to have been able to sleep with the “Demong emperor.”
However, Laari did not enjoy the unwanted attention. From dawn to dusk, she was pestered by her podmates with all sorts of questions that she didn’t really know the answer to.
“How big is his cock?”
“Does he like shil women?” “How do I get him to fuck me?”
Or the other not so pleasent alternative, was a bunch of gaslighting from higher caste Helkam’s and arrogant women.
“Why would that stiffy even touch you? You’re low caste trash!” “Your tits are so small, there’s no way he would fuck you, nice try, liar!” “You’re low caste, know where you belong, trash!” The hurtful comments had stung, but they weren’t stuff Laari wasn’t used to. Having to endure the comments all the way back from her homeworld and in the academy. About her body, her physique, the way she acted and where she was born.
She sighed, just sitting in her apartment, being asocial like always. It was pretty annoying to have to deal with all the comments over the past day. In the midst of her thoughts, she heard a knock on her door.
She sighed loudly, getting up from her bed and out of her room. She sauntered over the door and opened it. What she saw was quite a surprise, which was a large pair of breasts in her eye line. She blinked for a few seconds, before looking up at the taller shil’vati who was a solid foot taller than her.
Tris’la looked down at the small Helkam and gave a loud sigh, “Could I come in?”
Hey Sexyspacebabes, this is the 20th instalment in the Streetfighter series. Hope you guys enjoy the growing of the plot. The Shil'vati are beginning to catch up with the martial arts and the "Demon emperor" Hope you guys are just as interested as I am to see where Alistair's story goes! Sorry if this is a bit slow, but there is a need for lore building.
I was inspired by the movies Beatdown and Fight club. So I decided to take a crack at potentially a series for this? It depends on what the people want, if you like it and want to see more, please hit the upvote button and comment down below so I know people want more.
Also, any suggestions about how the story will progress? Feel free to comment your suggestions down below.
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2021.09.19 00:15 johnrock001 Fire Force - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes

Fire Force - Anime - Manga - Characters - Episodes - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/fire-force/
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2021.09.19 00:15 Reset108 How do extended warranty places get your info?

Got a letter saying my vehicles warranty is going to increase in price, yada yada. I’ve never had a warranty on this used pile of junk I’m driving, but how does a warranty company know exactly what vehicle I drive including the year?
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