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2021.09.19 01:48 da_vasily_da test

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2021.09.19 01:48 smashedpancake Parents added tap water to my betta tank while I’m out of country. So. Angry.

Hey all, so I am currently on a lovely vacation to Scotland and Switzerland with my partner, and I have a sitter coming twice a day to play with my cats and feed my fish. My parents live close by and decided to stop in and see the cats and drop some things off. They noticed that apparently the water was a little less than an inch from the top of the tank, so they took the liberty of adding tap water directly from the f**king sink into his tank. Luckily they mentioned this to me, so I asked if they had conditioned the water, to which they said no, so I directed them on how to condition it.
I guess he had about a cupful of plain tap water added to his 5 gallon tank for a couple of minutes (more like 10 probably) before it was conditioned. I’m really upset of course. Does anyone know if he will be okay? What are the ramifications of having water that was not dechlorinated added to the tank for that amount of time? Thanks so much - this is so stressful.
The tank has been running for about a year and a half so it is very well established. It is also heavily planted. I plan on upgrading my buddy to the 15 once my new 40 is up and running for my other betta and his crew. For now I just want to know what the best thing I can do for my 5 gallon buddy is.
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2021.09.19 01:48 Underwood4EverHoC How to stop Airpods Pro from auto-pausing after taking one earbud off my ear?

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2021.09.19 01:48 housecatspeaks OHA’s “Mana i Mauli Ola” film wins three Accolade awards - Learn more about “Mana i Mauli Ola” and watch the Accolade Global Film Competition award winning film here

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2021.09.19 01:48 MrSyniix LG C1 worth buying in aus

Hey guys looking for a tv upgrade the LG c1 has caught my eye. It's just been a bit hard looking for TV's as alot of the recommendations on here aren't in Australia or are different. I have a budget of $6.5k aud which I can get the 77 LG c1 for. Was wondering if its worth it or I should consider something else. I play some ps5 here and there not a great amount. Just unsure on what would be the best to get as it's not a small amount of money. Thankyou
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2021.09.19 01:48 Urmum6408 Trading everything but the parrot (traded)

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2021.09.19 01:48 Ishkavov What has he been through

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2021.09.19 01:48 HeavyMetal12339 (M4GM) Anyone that wants to write out an Isekai like RP?

I’ve read and watched too many isekai now and I can’t stop trying to find a chance to a RP for one. Is there anyone out there that would like to do one with me? Any GM that would be willing to spare their time on me?
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2021.09.19 01:48 sharemyphotographs LPT: don’t let current loser friends dictate your future

Seen this happen a few times in life and myself late teens, early twenties - all my friends were content with no education, entry level jobs, or no job and getting wasted all day in the Pub. They would often ridicule me for trying to better myself, leaving the party early because I valued my job, going to college etc. Fast forward to now 20 years later- 1 is dead, from alcohol, 1 is depressed, overweight and still stacking shelves in a warehouse and a completely couple are broke and not working at all. I paid for my own college and worked hard to make something and live a comfortable life and I’m now a V.P. Make the life you want people
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2021.09.19 01:48 TheCh0sen0ne- I hope when the movie comes out on stream/Disney+ then a bunch of talented video creators make video on it on the same level as these videos

I forgot what these types of videos are called but once Shang Chi comes out on stream and video creators have access to all scenes, they should make similar videos on the same level as these videos I linked. If you can make these types of videos please make them and if you know good video creators on youtube then request that they make Shang Chi videos
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2021.09.19 01:48 WildWheat Devour Funny Moments

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2021.09.19 01:48 svanapps r/litecoin - What usecase do litecoin have?

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2021.09.19 01:48 _NintendoGuy_ My pc is showing abnormally high cpu usage

Hi, I’ve been using a Xeon based pc (4 cores, eight threads (also, 20gb of ddr3 RAM and a 1gb GPU)) for the last year and a half or so without any problems. I know it’s no powerhouse but it always did what it needed to. After installing a windows 10 update, it began showing increased cpu usage. Like, the fans started going haywire when hovering over icons on the desktop. I have since tried going back to the previous version of windows 10 which helped somewhat but the computer still shows the aforementioned high cpu usage. Is there anyone who may know what went wrong? Any suggestions ate greatly appreciated as I am not in the position to be able to purchase a new computer (even less so with the increased prices).
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2021.09.19 01:48 ok_ComputerChip5853 Feels like Halo 4 was days ago...

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2021.09.19 01:48 packanimals My friend recently got this for us to drink, as it came highly recommended from the employee at total wine and more

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2021.09.19 01:48 Temporary_Outcome Is this a good deal? 04 with 113k. Only problems is no power steering and no ac. Got him down to $1800

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2021.09.19 01:48 Doctor2116 Tips for a returning ps4 player

I’m wanting to return to the game after a hiatus. I’ve got expansions packs 1 and 2. I’ll get 3 and 4 later. I’ve watched a lot of videos, but find it overwhelming especially with the new pop system. Any advice is appropriated.
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2021.09.19 01:48 Golden_watch One of my best friends changed and doesn’t want to be seen with my because he became popular

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2021.09.19 01:48 gerrineer Which bit do they love?

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2021.09.19 01:48 LittleSetti Shift key replacement

I have a 2014 mbp 2014. The left hand side shift key snapped. Anyone have any links on where to order another one? I tried Amazon but the key I ordered doesn’t fit.
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2021.09.19 01:48 boorestholds Just realised that next weeks AEW Rampage 2hr special has a banging built in main event.

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2021.09.19 01:48 Trololoz Saturday Target haul. Series 3 is in the bag

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2021.09.19 01:48 SorcererHex How exactly does Wyvern Flight work?

It says at start of combat for the spd check so does it take into account in combat buffs? Or is it the same as the def check where its only visible stats checked?
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2021.09.19 01:48 FuegoAmbera Without naming the song, what is your favourite song?

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2021.09.19 01:48 TravisJLM Am I allowed to be happy with both outcomes

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