TIFU by accidentally stabbing myself in both ass cheeks with an air conditioner grate

2021.09.19 01:37 patsfan929 TIFU by accidentally stabbing myself in both ass cheeks with an air conditioner grate

Obligatory this did not happen today, but close to 20 years ago. I honestly don't care if this is seen in the public eye, I've told this story many times and I just laugh about it now along with whomever I'm telling it to. Tl;dr at the bottom.
So I was raised Jewish, which meant going to temple on the high holy days (Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, etc.). Where I was living, there was not a large Jewish community so the temple was really small and sort of struggling. This also meant that there weren't many kids my age to hang with, but I did have one friend at the time, we'll call him J.
One night during one of the high holy days (I forget which), basically the entire congregation was at service. J and I, being the young fidgety kids that we were, decided to go outside and play (with the permission of our parents). So we go outside to the front of the temple, and this is where the fuck up happens.
Outside, there was an air conditioner that you could climb up on and peek into a window that looked directly into the temple where services were being held. The only reason you could climb up on it was because there was only a partial grate covering it, meaning one side was completely gone and there was no top to it. However, the other three sides were covered with the ends basically being metal spikes. Conveniently, the temple's guitar player was sitting right next to the window. Being the immature kids we were, we decided to start knocking on the window to distract the guitar player, and when he would look over we would duck down.
I think you all can see where this is going but I will continue. We did the knocking thing for a while but eventually we got bored. So J jumped down and go to follow J. Only I slip, and land right on two of the metal spikes where they go right into the left cheek and the right cheek. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, even then, so I thought that I slipped hard enough to feel pain, but for nothing to penetrate my cheeks. So I just get up and continue walking.
We went back inside and the services were over. Only then did I think to ask my parents "Do I have a hole in my pants?" to which they said I had two. I thought to myself "Uh oh", but didn't say anything further. When we sat in the car I could definitely feel wetness, so when we got home, I immediately went to the bathroom and checked my underpants which were soaked with blood. I looked in the mirror and fortunately there were already two scabs so I ended up not telling my parents.
Fortunately, nothing happened in terms of tetanus or infections and there are no scars. I just got extremely lucky, but lesson learned. If you see an air conditioner with parts of the grate missing DO NOT climb on it as it is dangerous and could kill you. Death by air conditioner.
Tl;dr: Got stabbed in both ass cheeks by an air conditioner grate, bled into my underpants, but did not go to the hospital or tell my parents.
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2021.09.19 01:37 danny993 Who is the Hiring Manager at ViacomCBS?

Hello, I'm applying to multiple positions at this company and I was wondering who the hiring manager is so I know who to address my cover letter to. Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.19 01:37 Worldly-Orchid20 Is this a parasite?

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2021.09.19 01:37 Ella_smith05607 Hook up with me, anyone from California let have fun😋😍😘

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2021.09.19 01:37 MauritanianSponge Infra Steff's Red Devil Band - Valley Moon Tv Theme (Funk) (Jazz-Fusion) (Rock) (1982)

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2021.09.19 01:37 smashboi888 How long do you think Luke and Kevin had that ONE moment from WOTFI 2021 planned?

Of course, I'm referring to Axol's death. Couldn't say it in the title because of spoiler reasons, but today's episode really got me thinking how long they planned on having Axol die at some point. Was it a recent idea that they came up with at the very start of the Genesis Arc? Did they plan it right when they turned Melony into a human so that they could have some sort of really big and emotional moment for the channel, even bigger than Desti's death? Did they even plan it the second they conceived the character back in the Anime Arc, and were only able to just now have it happen? I dunno, I just kinda get the vibe that they never planned to keep Axol around forever.
It'd be really interesting to see what Luke and Kevin have to say about all this, because they never really went into depth about his death yet, like how they did with Desti, although with how much bigger and impactful Axol's death was, I wouldn't be surprised if they did a video on it really soon.
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2021.09.19 01:37 I_thght_he_was_wth_u SpaceX’s Inspiration4 crew returns to Earth, capping first fully private mission in orbit

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2021.09.19 01:37 fadifadifadifadi This building in Riyadh is amazing. It combines modern architecture with an old one!

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2021.09.19 01:37 AnotherUnfunnyName [Postgame Thread] Duke Defeats Northwestern 30-23

Box Score provided by ESPN

Team 1 2 3 4 T
Northwestern 0 7 13 3 23
Duke 21 9 0 0 30
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2021.09.19 01:37 Krantuperino Chib pulls amazing pokemon cards

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2021.09.19 01:37 _Bobafe Bangarang x Gas Gas Gas (Skrillex X Manuel) [2:42]

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2021.09.19 01:37 tyler_ness Happy 9/18💚💙

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2021.09.19 01:37 Jednox real ogs play with mcdonalds drink tops

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2021.09.19 01:37 31secondstodeath This Queen Ground Bumble has been hanging around. She's of the new brood if I'm not mistaken. I watch them come out of their nest and to my flower gardens. I was going all paparazzi on her ass yesterday and she finally had enough (1st image - About 4" away).

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2021.09.19 01:37 ArthurPC102021 Como você se resumiria em 4 personagens?

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2021.09.19 01:37 ArtoriaPendragon32 Imposter xp farm

If anyone is down let me know
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2021.09.19 01:37 Elements_of_Jade__ Rare image of what stevens dad fought while going to SKOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL

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2021.09.19 01:37 MegaMan-1989

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2021.09.19 01:37 FOESAD5150 "Penetration" Botanical Mandala NFT Art [available @ FOESAD5150 on Rarible & Opensea + Direct Links in Comments Below]

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2021.09.19 01:37 TPNaomiPlaza Low-user electricity tariffs will be phased out over 5 years

climatechange electricvehicles ClimateActionPlan solarpower
Why have EV rebates if the same govt is just going to penalize users of solar power, those helping the climate and thinking bigger than the rest?
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2021.09.19 01:37 fatherjohnmistress In a task-initiation rut. How do you push yourself?

I've been taking Adderall IR 10mg + 5mg for about two years now, and I take Sundays off in an effort to keep my tolerance in check (I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but I tell myself it does!) I also take Gabapentin in the evening for anxiety and occasionally Ativan if it's bad. I'm seeing my psychiatrist next week so I'll of course mention this to her
The past month or so I've been in a funk where any task, no matter how small, feels daunting: conversations, dishes, emails... you name it, I'm avoiding it <3
I'm not busy at all, so it's definitely not burnout. I think it's actually caused by understimulation, but the gag is that I'm completely drained of motivation that would push me to do something stimulating. I always feel great once I've actually done the thing, but I can't get myself there!!
I'm looking for your "ADHD activities" versoin of depression meals—the easiest possible activities or motivation techniques that even give the illusion of stimulation/productivity
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2021.09.19 01:37 papipescado I know a lot of people wanted Jett to be nerfed, and I agree, but I believe adding a scope sound to the OP would inadvertently nerf her

So many times during the 100T vs nV game (and other matches) yay (who played Jett) would hold extremely close angles and would constantly re-scope, giving no audio cues which I think is giving a big buff since she can get a pick and dash away. If you hear a scope sound, boom, you know Jett is there. This was similar in CSGO
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2021.09.19 01:37 RealLazyLlama Boo!

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2021.09.19 01:36 Mazekkkk Deleted scene related to Season 3 ending?

I was looking through the press materials and watching season 3, I noticed that something did not suit me, that something was missing. In the promotional photos we see Maeve with Jean, possibly in the hospital after giving birth or something like that. Maeve is evidently wearing the clothes she was wearing to say goodbye to Otis on the same day she left for America. Where is the scene in this photo? while watching the series, I didn't notice any of that. What do you think about it? They removed it because it didn't fit, or will they use it next season as a flashback or something? In addition, there is also a photo of Maeve with Elsie, in the same location where she met Jean. What this is about?
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