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How to get new ninja tools

2021.09.19 00:05 Bl4CKPOWDER How to get new ninja tools

How do I get new ninja tools I’ve been playing for a bout a month now and have only gotten the demon wind shirked and have no idea how I got it
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2021.09.19 00:05 Yakima42 [E] May I have some Tips on How I can Get Caught Up?

Cross Posted from math
I got my BS/MA in biological sciences, and was unsatisfied with my career path. I ended up getting into an MS program in biostatistics/bioinformatics. I've taken Calc I-II (via Calc BC) and Calc III.
Here are the courses I'm taking currently:

  1. Linear Algebra
  2. Intro to Applied Statistics (heavy on SAS programming, Estimators, Bias, Regression, etc.)
  3. Intro to Theoretical Statistics (A more theoretical version of Stat. Inference)
  4. Intro to Statistical Inference (Prob. Theory, Comb./Perm., Random Variables, etc.)
  5. Statistical Genetics (Combines concepts covered in the above 4 classes [not as much Lin. Algeb. for now])
To be honest, I do feel like I'm behind a lot of the other students who did their undergrad in math, stats, etc. Unfortunately, I've tried setting up study groups and tbh they aren't very helpful, and it feels like those other students just want to work with people who are as fast at learning as them.
What do I do? I'm 3ish weeks into the semester, and am feeling kind of scared.
I like the subject matter. Yes its difficult, but I find Stat. Genetics, Linear algebra, and Theoretical Statistics very interesting (especially logic of proofs). But I also feel like I'm being stretched in multiple directions.
Main questions:
  1. How do I close the gap?
  2. What kind of GPA should I have for PhD programs (statistics, math, cs)? It seems like 3.8-4.0 is basically a minimum expectation for most average tier PhDs.
  3. Is it even realistic to expect to succeed?
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2021.09.19 00:05 Paratism The pestilence

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2021.09.19 00:05 XxJustKarmaxX What's the Twilight Bow drop chance? (I have an amiibo card that it's supposed to drop from)

I got a bunch of amiibo cards and one of them supposedly drops that bow (which I want like... alot) so what's the drop chance? I hope its not to low
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2021.09.19 00:05 SandpitMetal NTD. Two 6' Folding rulers and Channel locks #'s 420, 422, and 430.

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Let’s be the catalyst for the Squeeze Ape Brothers and Sisters.
It was not that easy but it’s possible. Took me like 9 days, I think it’s possible even faster but I did some mistakes. We have the choice to get great things done 🦍
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2021.09.19 00:05 techman246 2G can still load data

Allbeit really terribly. It took minutes worth of loading to get
weather search
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2021.09.19 00:05 biodick guys look its dontai

guys look its dontai
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2021.09.19 00:05 Sadakokuro My first Cosplay as Babydoll 💕

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2021.09.19 00:05 AereolaInspector People gave too much flak to MWR’s Depot system and for MWR not being 100% faithful to CoD4

And now we’ll probably never get another multiplayer remaster. Don’t get me wrong, MWR isn’t perfect. The Variety Pack not being free was a huge mistake, and being forced to buy the Legacy Edition of IW was a bad move too. They did eventually release it as a standalone, but I guess by that time the damage had been done.
Still though, I see people online to this day saying that “P2W” weapons ruined the game which I disagree with. Sure it can be a long grind to get a weapon if you don’t get the expensive parts of the collection in supply drops. (Your mileage may vary) But at the end of the day, you can get any weapon you want for free without having to bank on 100% luck like BO3 and AW.
Plus, there are arguably only a few guns that are unique enough where you can feel FOMO if you don’t have them. The BOS14, the Magnum, and the K12 shotgun. The BOS14 is probably the best AR to use suppressed with UAV Jammer, the Magnum is a Deagle with 1 extra bullet that you can put a suppressor on, and the K12 is the only full auto shotgun in the game. The rest have a similar enough vanilla counterpart, and the M16 RDS still reigns supreme over all when it comes to TTK.
Now don’t get me wrong, there were other issues with the remaster like:

  1. The sound design was a lot different/worse than the original. Footsteps were harder to hear, 3rd person gun sounds were hard to pinpoint and hard to decipher what type of gun was being fired. Guns in 3rd person were also just quiet in general.
  2. Characters blended into the environment a lot more than the OG. Sure the graphics are more realistic, and there’s debris flying in the air, but the lighting was still a bit over the top. There are some spots that are so dark that it’s nearly impossible to spot people that are in them. (Crossfire top broken, ladder building)
  3. With the new servers and better hitreg, the TTK feels significantly faster than the OG. They really should’ve considered a slight health buff or a slight damage nerf to all of the guns. Nothing too major like BO4’s 150 health, but just something to compensate for the new servers and make it feel more like the OG.
  4. Spawns flip too fast and make team respawn modes have weird flow compared to the OG. Nothing too much to say here, they should’ve just kept the same spawns as the OG. Smoke grenades are and always were a good counter to spawn trapping.
But even with all these issues and with it not being a 100% faithful remaster, I’d still rather play MWR than any of the new crap they come out with. It’s still CoD4 maps, CoD4’s simplistic perk and attachment system, CoD4 aesthetics etc.
What I’m saying is, I wouldn’t mind if a WaW, MW2, or BO1 multiplayer remaster had a Depot system or some type of battlepass system. As long as you can also get items for free by just playing, it’s not a big deal to me. People gave MWR too much flak for the Depot system, and for the fact that it wasn’t 100% faithful to the OG. But people need to look back with more perspective and realize it’s still better than anything new they come out with. What do you guys think?
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2021.09.19 00:05 Nzumbie [NA][T3] Looking for Top/Ad/Sup for clash tonight

As the title suggests, i'm looking for a top,AD, and a support for some games tonight
comms are mandatory, please be T3/Gold4+
if interested please add Nzumbie in game
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2021.09.19 00:05 ComradeHregly Not my finest moment

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2021.09.19 00:05 itsjesus9739 something moves inside my Acer nitro 5 but it does not affect performance

I have an acer nitro 5 and when I move it sideways something inside moves, it doesn't affect performance but I don't know what to do. Do I send it under warranty?
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2021.09.19 00:05 zmandude24 If this idiot watched more than the first 20 minutes, he would see the movie calls out creeps.

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2021.09.19 00:05 this_lizard_brain Strain blends

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2021.09.19 00:05 D4rKiTo Random gold rist layer

Pla opened 3 years ago (yeah, I don't like too much this "gold", but I have to waste it :D).
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2021.09.19 00:05 EI8HT8IT 33 inch wheels/tires - 3rd Gen

I am planning on the 2.5 inch lift and 33 inch wheels. I've seen it done on a handfull of Durangos with no rub, however they all used the Rough Country lift as opposed to the (generally preferred) Rocky Road lift. So, do any of you have 33s or 285/55/20 on your Rocky Road lift? I know the offset needs to be +15 to 20
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2021.09.19 00:05 Gummer_Atrocity Any advice to make my character look like a dr seuss character?

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2021.09.19 00:05 Sergemiester11 Mersh Reads A Lengthy Fan Comment That is Mocking r/Mersh

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2021.09.19 00:05 Squirty-Buns When are new evolution challenges out?

Just wondering when the new challenges are out i want that lifeline skin so bad.
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2021.09.19 00:05 bitconnnnneeeeect Save yourself trouble and just stay quiet about investing in crypto

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2021.09.19 00:05 CarsonsLegs44 .5 PPR FLEX - WDIS

View Poll
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2021.09.19 00:05 WarmMaybe6044 Anti white racism in Asia: China is Kicking out Europeans

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2021.09.19 00:05 SnipingArms (Sellier) USA 45 Auto 230gr. 28.49 CPR:(0.56) Quantity: 50

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2021.09.19 00:05 deathfire31 Would two Spectacide be sufficient to handle this?

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