Man pees and ejaculates from anus

2021.09.18 23:58 stankmanly Man pees and ejaculates from anus

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2021.09.18 23:58 Alt_1x A reminder of the characters scale.

The knight is about the height of an ant, the hollow knight is about as big as the distance between your thumbnail and the tip of your thumb, and Unn AT MOST, is the size of your fingernail. it's all tiny
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2021.09.18 23:58 Novice89 40K + app Issue selecting warlord

Very new to warhammer, bought my first minis a couple days ago and plan to start painting later today. I’ve been on the warhammer app though ans got a subscription. Was planning out the Tau army I want to build and the yellow warning on the bottom prompted me to select a warlord. I chose the coldstar in my Brigade detachment but it just takes me to a blank screen that says “Who should be your warlord?”
If I select any of the other models listed it asks me to chose a trait, which I do but then it just takes me back to the same page where it asks me to select a warlord and lists all potential models. Am I doing something wrong or is the app bugged?
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2021.09.18 23:58 FaithlessnessIll5194 What’s this spider? It’s got red orange legs, and a black body about the size of a fingernail

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2021.09.18 23:58 ShortAlgo $EBF Awaiting buy signal on EBF with

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2021.09.18 23:58 ten-million Uh oh

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2021.09.18 23:58 je-anneyay utahime appreciation post~ here’s first year utahime!

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2021.09.18 23:58 Xbox_OhItsKayleigh H: 35:1 trade W: Explosive flamer

ARI/25/15fr. Fixer
AA/E/1a. Fixer
AA/E/15v SMG.
ASS/E/25. Fixer
B/50vhc/15v. Fixer
JUG/E/1p. Fixer
Q/50limb/25. Fixer
SUP/50v/15fr. Fixer
N/E/25. Fixer
B/E/15fr. Fixer
F/25/15fr. Fixer
BE25/15v. Fixer
M/50v/25. Fixer
ST/50v/15v. Fixer
TS/AP/15fr. Fixer
TS/50v/15fr. Fixer
F/E/15fr. Fixer
J/25/15fr. Fixer
J/25/25. Fixer
J/50v/15fr. Fixer X2
V/E Handmade 2*.
V/25/15fr. Fixer
Yellow Asylum Dress + Hat.
Hatchet electro fusion plan.
shielded lining casual underarmour.
ski sword skate blade.
t-60 bos knight cpt paint.
t-60 bos knight paint X2.
t-60 helmet.
t-60 left arm.
t-60 left leg.
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2021.09.18 23:58 BroJBone Dud’s been crashing at Orbis again
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2021.09.18 23:58 real_calm 4K: 🌊VERY Comforting!! Calming Ocean Sounds For Sleeping, Studying, & Relaxing! 😴

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2021.09.18 23:58 JonsOnFire New to Conquest, Friend got 100 Kingdoms I got the Spires

Me and my buddy just got into Conquest at gen con. I got the brute clones for spire and he got the household knights regiment packs. And we ordered the 2 player starter kit online, with an extra household knights regiment and the marksman clones. We are super excited to get into the rule book and learn to play! Anybody else get into this game at gen con?
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2021.09.18 23:58 Deinonychusfeathers I just ordered my first NECA figure.A lot of people mention to loose up the joints of figures because they can snap easily.Can I have step by step tutorial on how to do that.

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2021.09.18 23:58 Surfcharleston ELI5 why, with all the people that go missing in the United States, some cases (like the current Gabrielle Petito case) get so many more resources from the FBI and other police forces?

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2021.09.18 23:58 alwayslearning100 Hello po, I would like to ask for enlightenment regarding Books of Accounts. I've read Taxumo articles pero hindi ko pa rin magnets :( Isa lang naman irerecord ko as a self-employed writer, yung income ko from my foreign client. (I only have one long-term client) So Cash Receipts lang ba fill up ko?

And ano rin po yung format ng Cash Receipts. I searched online and ang daming columns feeling di ko naman nagaapply sakin.
Pwede bang receipt number, date received and amount received na lang :((
Most of the articles dinidiscuss for businesses e.
Hindi ko rin naman po need irecord gastos ko like laptop or electricity kasi 8% pinili kong taxes, hindi yung may deduction based on expenses.
If you are self-employed, what do you do or what format do you follow to record your salaries?
Thank you po sa mga sasagot. :)
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2021.09.18 23:58 freedomlian

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2021.09.18 23:58 LexiWorld94 Mct oil face advice please! + diet changes

Hey guys! I’m 26 and had dry skin or scalp problems forever, docs diagnosed seb derm. I’m British but I live in Australia so in summer I have zero problems at all but in winter I always get quite aggressive flares.
Atm I’m trying holistic measures, no dairy gluten or sugar, pretty much whole foods plant based for 5 weeks so far. No real differences yet.
I bought mct oil this week, I feel my face wakes up really dry and tight the morning after. Normally I use hydrocortisone 1 percent to clear my skin but I know it’s bad long term. Should I clear this flare first with the hydro then use the MCT daily to keep it at bay?
Essentially I need to get this current flare down. I think it was from tomatoes :(
Any advice on MCT oil and diet (how long they’ve taken to help) would be awesome
With love from lockdown in Australia :)
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2021.09.18 23:58 MyNewAlt5836484 I just tricked my friend into fingering a minor

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2021.09.18 23:58 turtle_of_europa EASTWARD - Sam remembers what Yocar taught her

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2021.09.18 23:58 Consistent_Alps1366 Great server, great community, been with triple threat for a while I love it

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2021.09.18 23:58 sanity101 Ishgard Theme - Rock/Metal Cover

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2021.09.18 23:58 Important_Scale7852 Odin

In God of War 2018 from Mimir’s tales, is Odin displayed with any sympathy or redeeming qualities or is he just pure evil?
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2021.09.18 23:58 Vocab_Fairy Scientists create sheep with brain of a goat

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2021.09.18 23:58 Dmamp94 Switched from console to pc. Any RTG tips or strategies for FUT22 this year? I’m still considering getting it on next gen console as well. Thoughts?

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2021.09.18 23:58 fallen_gamerz W: AAFFR gatling gun 2* H: caps, flux, ammo, scrip weapons, or if interested junkies explosive gatling gun

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2021.09.18 23:58 eruba September 19th [NSFW]

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